Winter Essentials For Your Dog

Winterize Your  Furry Friend!

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You tend to winterize your house,  or your wardrobe, but you should also have a winterization process for your furry friend. The colder weather can cause dryness, trouble breathing, and more. Make sure your dog is ready for the winter with these essentials today!


Their paws may get dry, but the salt may also cause a chemical burn on their paw pads. Make sure to grab a paw balm! It features organic Beeswax that creates a natural barrier between your dog’s paws and the snow.

For The Paws

A “weathered nose” can appear cracked and crusty.  A dry, winter nose can be kept clean and healthy by applying a snout soother or a nose butter.

For The Nose

Salt, dirt, and debris can irritate your pup's legs and in-between the paws. To ensure you are cleaning them off, pet wipes can be a great purchase not only for your floors, but for the dog's legs and paws.

For The Legs

Dog ears have few blood vessels, making them prone to frostbite in just a few minutes. An ear cleaning kit can prevent ear infections, frostbite, and eliminate odors!

For The Ears


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