Things You Should Definitely Pack For Dog Boarding

First Time  Dog Boarding? 

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Just like a vacation, dog boarding can be a lot to think about and how to prepare for it. No worries, we did all the brain power for you and created a list that you will need to provide about your dog.


Prior to overnight boarding and/or dog daycare services, you must provide proof of the following vaccinations from your vet: 1. Bordetella  2. Parvovirus & Distemper 3. Rabies *Up-to-date vaccinations for all

Proof of Vacinations


Your dog might settle in easier  if you bring some supplies that smell like home or are familiar  to them. These supplies may include blankets, toys, snacks, water bowl, leash, and more! Some supplies may be provided, but it may help your dog feel more comfortable and settle in easier.

Home Familiarities


Written notes will help the employees tailor to your dog easier. Write things like emergency contacts, vet information, and travel details. Also make notes about your dog's temperament, likes, dislikes, routine, command knowledge, and more!

Written Notes



The Dog Stop boards 365 days a year!  

Whether you are looking for basic dog boarding in a safe, fun, and loving environment or you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation for your dog, The Dog Stop® is the perfect place.