The Stages  Of Puppyhood: What To Expect

Puppyhood Is Exciting, Challenging, And Full Of Transitions

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Whether you're a new or experienced dog owner, puppyhood brings both challenges and excitement. Understanding different puppy life stages helps you know when to focus on things like training and socialization.


The first 3 weeks are when their senses are developing so they  will stick around their mom and sleep a lot. After 4 weeks, they are able to walk around, wag their tails, and grow their infamous sharp teeth.

Newborn To 4 Weeks Old

During this period, the mother teaches her puppies how to behave as she weans them. At 8 weeks, puppies are ready  to move to their permanent homes, but they may be a  bit fearful. Introduce new experiences to them gradually.

4-8 Weeks

This is what we call "the fearful stage". Although they are exploring, they are also a bit wary. This is a great opportunity to have your pup meet as many people, dogs, and experiences as possible. Praise them anytime you can! This is also a time when you can really form a bond with your dog.

8-12 Weeks

As they grow, puppies become less fearful, more curious, and their personalities start to show.  They may also chew  more often.  By 12 weeks, they're ready  for training classes!

12-24 Weeks

You have officially entered the teenager stage! This is where your dog might test boundaries and try to assert themselves in the pack. They will need tons of activity and stimulation at this time so keep up the training and playing time! Teach them good walking manners so that they can explore the neighborhood.

6-12 Months


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