How To Bond With Your Puppy

The Benefits Of Bonding With Your Puppy

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What an exciting time it can be to bring home your new puppy! By taking the time to bond with your puppy, you will see that the communication process will be easier for you and them. We have compiled several ways you can start your bonding process now!


Puppies will pick on up certain words or cues if repeated enough. You can use food or toys to help them understand their name, some cues, and get them to bond more with you.

Talk With Your Pup


Potty training, nap time, playtime, eating, and more can go into their schedule. This will give them structure  and even some confidence when they know what to expect and  can adapt to a new  environment easier.

Create Puppy Schedules


Without boundaries, you pup can do as they please and can lead to more problems down the road. You can use baby gates and play pens to help keep an eye on them and help them understand where they can and can't go.

Establish Boundaries


Exercise has tons of benefits and can be a great way to bond with your pup. Practice walks and add more distance as they become more focused and reach obedience milestones.

Exercising Time


Your pup will experience so many new sounds, smells, and sights and this can be very overwhelming. Adding a crate or playpen can help them feel safe, establish independence, and make them feel safe.

Give Your Puppy Their Own Space


Who doesn't like cuddle time with their pup? Giving your dog affection and cuddle time can really help bond with your pup. It is also a great way to get them used to touch on their paws, ears, legs, etc. This can help when you start  grooming maintenance.

Give Your  Puppy Affection


Let's Recap! 

Here are a list of ways you can create a bond with your pup:

• Talk With Your Pup

• Create A Schedule

• Establish Boundaries

• Give Them Exercise

• Give Them  Their Own Space

• Give Them Affection


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