The Best Interactive Dog Toys

The Benefits Of Interactive Toys

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What sets interactive dog toys apart from regular toys is their benefits. They help develop good eating habits, it keeps their mind busy, it teaches solo play, and can even prevent dementia in senior dogs! Struggling to pick the right one from the vast options? Let us help you with our best interactive dog toys for your furry friend!


These can be great for slowing down their eating or just keeping your pup busy for a while. It can be as simple as a toy ball with holes that you add treats into. They must move it around to get the treats out.

Food Dispensing Interactive Toys


A bobber toy is a great interactive toy for your furry friend! They can come in different sizes for all stages of life and can be pretty indestructible!



Twist toys can come as rope that can act as dental floss for your pup! Not only that, but your pup will have a lot of time on their hands trying to untwist the toy to get to their favorite treat!

Twist Dog Toys


Lastly, we highly recommend a puzzle for your furry friend! It can be as big or as small as you want. They will keep your dog busy and help to exercise their mind.

Interactive  Dog Puzzles


Let's Recap! 

Help your dog with their eating habits and cognitive development with these interactive dog toys: 

• Treat Dispensing Toys

• Bobbers

• Twist Toys

• Puzzles


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