3 Tips to Help Your Dog Overcome Holiday Stress

Keeping Your Canine Calm and Collected During the Festive Season

Humans aren’t the only ones who can feel anxious and stressed over the holidays. Dogs can also experience holiday stress. The buzzing environment can quicky become overstimulating for your pup, too. The Dog Stop offers 3 tips to help you dog overcome holiday stress and anxiety.

As a pet parent, it’s helpful to recognize what dog anxiety looks like. This stress can display itself in many forms and can vary from dog to dog. Common signs include excessive barking, shaking, drooling, panting, pacing, and cowering. Other signs your pup may exhibit are destructive behavior or uncharacteristic behavior like clinginess or being withdrawn.  

If you have identified symptoms of dog anxiety, it is important to try to reduce these symptoms to make your dog feel more comfortable and happier. That is why we have created 3 tips for trying to help reduce dog stress and anxiety.  

1 Try natural supplements like CBD 

cbd dog anxietyOne of the best ways to help reduce the anxiety your pet may be experiencing is to give them a natural supplement like CBD. CBD is a great natural remedy for reducing anxiety symptoms and separation anxiety due to its effects on your dog’s endocannabinoid system. One of our favorite brands for CBD products is Pet Relief.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CBD may be perfect for your pup, check out our blog on whether CBD is the best choice for you! 


2 Use an anxiety vest

The Dog Stop - Dog anxiety shirtAnxiety vests and shirts can be a great way to help your dog feel more at ease amongst all the holiday excitement. They work by applying pressure to your pet’s torso to cause a calming effect. According to the VCA, anxiety vests’ pressure can release endorphins that help your dog feel calmer in times of stress.

If you choose to incorporate an anxiety vest into your dog’s life, we advise that you acclimate your dog to wearing one. If your pup only wears the vest in times of distress, he may begin to associate the vest with negative experiences, and it may not feel comforting to him. The easiest way to get your dog used to the vest is to have him wear it periodically so that the vest is more helpful for easing stress.  

We also recommend creating a safe space for your dog so that they have somewhere in your home in which they can feel calmer and more comfortable.  

Here’s a helpful video from ThunderShirt on the proper way to put on an anxiety vest:

3 Incorporate more exercise into their routine 

We’ve all been told that exercise can be a great stress reliever for us humans, but it can benefit your dog’s mental wellbeing too! Exercise can help stimulate your pup and release natural endorphins that will help alleviate stress just like it does for us humans.  

It is already recommended that your dog receives a substantial amount of exercise every day, but if you find your dog is experiencing more anxiety, it may benefit them to increase this amount to help tire them out. It also will help calm them since you will be removing them from the anxiety provoking stimuli.  

This addition to exercise can be in the form of more walks, dog park visits, or even spending time playing with your dog.  

Wrapping it Up

Holidays can be filled with lots of fun, but they also can be difficult for your dog to adjust to. Whether it be due to having new visitors, doorbells,  or even the new Christmas decorations, the change in environment and energy can be overwhelming.  

However, there’s no need to worry because we always have you covered here at The Dog Stop! The Dog Stop provides you with the most up to date information regarding your pet and their needs. We also carry highly reputable products that can help assist with dog anxiety and stress.  

If you have more questions about how you can help your dog feel more comfortable and less anxious around this time of year, contact your local Stop for more information or product advice.