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The Dog Stop Difference

We have established a franchise business model that positions us to be the best franchisor in the industry. Our growth plan allows us to give our franchisees the attention they deserve on an ongoing basis, not just during the franchise sales process. To provide the most complete franchise service program, The Dog Stop Franchising has assembled a team of executives and management personnel with over 100 years of experience in building and SUPPORTING franchise programs.

Work With the Owners and Founders

Jesse and Chris are the original owners and co-founders of The Dog Stop®. They have personally developed all of the policies and procedures that make The Dog Stop® America’s preferred dog care facility. As dog owners themselves, they were not happy with what was available in terms of dog care. They sought to develop a dog care concept that was centered around the customer experience and fixed all of the common flaws in the dog care industry. Every policy and procedure was created with the dog owner in mind to maximize customer satisfaction while improving transparency, convenience and value.

Jesse and Chris have lived the life of the store owner, put in the long hours and know exactly what it takes to make a location successful. Likewise, our support staff have all worked in every position in a The Dog Stop® store and can use real-world experiences to help guide you daily. We take great pride in supporting our franchise partners, after all, when you join The Dog Stop® team you’re truly part of the family.

More BARK For Your Buck

People often ask: “How can you build and open stores for so much less than the competition?”

The answer is: We have worked very hard to negotiate substantial discounts with all of our vendors and suppliers. This includes but is not limited to: kennels, interior and exterior fencing, flooring, dog care supplies, building materials, POS software, retail inventory and more. We pass 100% of these savings along to you, the franchisee. We DO NOT receive any kickbacks or rebates based upon the dollars our franchisees spend. Our design and construction team works with the existing building or structure to create the ideal layout for your facility. We do not relocate utilities, mechanicals, etc. just to conform to a prototypical design. This equates to substantial savings for our franchisees during the design and construction process. That allows franchisees to open quicker for less and see a faster return on their investment.

The Best Training in the Industry

Our training program is the most comprehensive and complete in the pet care industry. Our training focuses on all aspects of operations including but not limited to: employee administration, financial administration, advertising, marketing, customer service, retail best practices and of course understanding and caring for dogs.
We spend a lot of time teaching you and your team about the science of dogs. This includes but is not limited to dog behavior, dog psychology and understanding dog body language. All of our canine companions are also trained in canine CPR and first aid. These tools are essential to creating a safe and fun atmosphere for the dogs.

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Are you ready to become a part of this booming pet care industry by owning your own The Dog Stop® franchise? We know you can do it and our dedicated team is eagerly ready to help!