The Importance of a Stellar Groomer

By:Alexandra Wepner at September 12, 2018   Pet Age spoke with Tiffanie Morton, a pet stylist at The Dog Stop in Trussville, Alabama, to learn about the importance of high-quality grooming and how it strengthens the rest of the business. Q As a groomer, what’s a typical day for you? A A typical day starts by assessing […]

Monthly Mutt – March Issue

The Dog Stop’s March Monthly Mutt Breed Spotlight! Berger Picard.  Gesundheit.  The first time I tried to say this breed’s name I sounded like the Swedish Chef, “Bergerrrrr Percarrrrd.” Ok, it’s pronounced “bare ZHAY pee CARR” (that’s with at LEAST one pinky up, thank you).  One of the oldest French Sheepdogs, depictions of the Picard […]

Woman sitting with the dog in the park and using phone

Five Apps Every Pet Owner Must Have

Must-Have Apps For The Tech-Friendly Pet Owner These days, there’s an app for just about everyone, including pet owners. Pet apps are loaded with many features that help you to safeguard your pets, stay organized and even save money. Best of all, many pet apps are free or low cost and are available for both […]

Two Dogs At The Dog Stop Pittsburgh Daycare

Monthly Mutt – February Issue

Breed Spotlight!- Viszla Breed originally in Hungary, the Viszla has a strong background in hunting both as a pointer and a retriever.  These early tasks have made the breed especially attached to its owners.  Affectionally nicknamed the “Velcro Viszla”, they can often be seen leaning or sitting on their owner’s legs.  The Vizsla has been […]