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Why Chicken Sensitivities are So Common in Dogs and How to Help

As pet owners, our top concern is making sure our pets are living their ...

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Pumpkin for Dogs: A Treat That’s Good for Their Gut and Taste Buds

Pumpkin may be the most popular human treat for Fall, but it also is a h...

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Decoding Dog Food Labels: A Simple Guide to Understanding Canine Nutrition

Canine nutrition is confusing. There, I said it. There’s virtually no re...

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The Dog Stop: Choosing the Right Dog Food

Do you feel at a loss when choosing the right food or brand to feed your...

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Which dog food is the best?

When visiting your local dog food store, it can be a real challenge deci...

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The Real Cost of Dog Food

Giving your dog the best life possible requires a lot of love, time, mon...

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No Dog Food is Created Equal and All Dogs Have Different Nutritional Needs

No dog food is created equal and not every dog requires the same nutriti...

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays: A Food Safety Guide

The holidays are a time for feasting and celebration, but it's important...

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