Pumpkin for Dogs: A Treat That’s Good for Their Gut and Taste Buds

Pumpkin may be the most popular human treat for Fall, but it also is a hit with dogs,  year-round.  Its a treat that’s good for their gut AND taste buds. Here’s why:

Dog smiling with pumpkin in its mouthPumpkin is great for your dog’s digestion  

Pumpkin has a great ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber, which regulates a dog’s bowels. Whether it’s diarrhea or constipation, pumpkin can help alleviate symptoms and make your dog feel more at ease.  

Pumpkin is a prebiotic which is different than a probiotic, but essential in digestion. Focusing on your dog’s digestion is extremely important in keeping them happy and healthy! Most of a dog’s immune system is housed in a dog’s gut, so if the gut is out of balance, it opens the dog up to other health issues. To have a happy gut, your dog needs prebiotics and probiotics for ideal functioning. Probiotics work hard to keep the gut in balance, but if prebiotics aren’t present to keep the probiotics healthy, then they’ll die off. We need prebiotics to create a happy environment for the probiotics so they can thrive and keep the dog’s immune system healthy.  

How should you feed your dog pumpkin? 

Knowing pumpkin’s health benefits is a great reason to start adding pumpkin to your furry friend’s diet. However, it is important to know how to feed your dog pumpkin to ensure your dog gets the most out of this food addition!  

 The most important thing to know about pumpkin for dogs is that if they ingest too much of the inside of the pumpkin it can cause an upset stomach. It’s because this part is so darn fiber rich. This is also why you should not give your dog the pumpkin used in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  

Likewise, if you are giving your dog fresh pumpkin, make sure that you do not feed your dog the stem, leaves, seeds, or skin of the pumpkin because these parts can be toxic for dogs.  

 The best way to give your dog pumpkin is by purchasing high quality treats and food that is prepared with pumpkin for dogs. We suggest giving your pup pumpkin rich treats and food from some of our favorite brands:  

  • Farmina 
  • Bocce’s 
  • Grandma Lucy’s 


Why you should choose The Dog Stop for your dog’s pumpkin needs 

Pumpkin can have amazing benefits for your dog’s digestive system and can be a year-round treat to include in their diet. All of us at The Dog Stop want to provide you with the best knowledge regarding your dog’s nutrition and needs. At our locations, you will only find four-star and above products at our premium pet stores that we have found to be best suited for your best friend. For more information on the pumpkin products we carry and all our other offerings, click the link to find your Stop! 



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