How to Entertain Your Dog Indoors This Winter

Just like humans, dogs can get tired of being inside the house all the time, and it can be a challenge to entertain your dog indoors. With the cold winter weather, it can be hard to find ways to tire out your pup without freezing outside. In the winter, walks become shorter and days in the dog park can become less frequent. However, your friends at The Dog Stop don’t want you to be discouraged.

There are plenty of ways you can keep your dog happy and entertained indoors this winter and to show you, we put together a list of 3 fun ideas! 


1. Teach Your Dog a New Trick or Skill

Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to work on training your dog with a new skill. Even if your dog is already well-trained, there are plenty of skills or tricks to develop or strengthen. Whether you want to teach your dog to sit, stay, or roll over, training them indoors can be the perfect environment to do so. Indoor training can help your dog stay focused.

We recommend lots of training treats to reward different behaviors. To prevent overeating, however, we recommend giving your dog small bits and pieces as a reward each time. Indoor training can look like rewarding certain behaviors or even working on scent or agility work. If you feel lost on how to start indoor training, you can always check out our training sessions to learn about how you can work with your dog at home. 


Dog sitting on top of slide at The Dog Stop


2. Stimulating Toys

If you are looking for an option that will allow your dog to entertain themselves, we recommend finding a stimulating toy such as a Kong Chew, puzzle toy, or snuffle mat. Kong products are great because they entertain your pup without the worry of being easily destroyed. Kong also offers many options for their toys including different types, sizes, and purposes.

Puzzle toys are also a great option for stimulating your dog because they require your dog to think to be rewarded with a treat. There are countless options for puzzle toys including ones like the Classic Kong which can hold treats for your dog to dig out. Other puzzle toys hide treats and require your dog to move pieces to retrieve them. Snuffle mats are also a great toy for stimulating your dog. They can enrich your dog’s mind by having them use their senses to find treats. Enriching toys are the perfect way to entertain your pup on cold winter days because they will exercise your dog’s mind. 

Another option for a stimulating activity would be having a ball pit in your home. If space permits, you can always set up a ball pit and throw your dog’s favorite toys or treats inside for them to dig out! Ball pits are a great way to watch your dog have an enjoyable time. If you do decide to set one up in your home, make sure that you select the right size for your dog and that you find one with strong enough balls that will not be easily destroyed!


3. A Trip to Daycare

If your space feels too small to have your dog inside all day or if you’re worried, they are not tiring themselves out enough, perhaps a trip to dog daycare can be the perfect fix to entertain your dog indoors. Daycare provides the perfect amount of inside fun and stimulation to make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and ready to relax with you after your long day.

At The Dog Stop, our locations have different options for how long you want your dog to be at daycare and you’ll soon see how many friends they make while they enjoy their stay. Dog daycare is not only a great option for entertaining your dog during the winter days. It also provides your dog with fun-filled days while allowing them to socialize with other dogs. Dog socialization is very important because just like humans, it is important to know how to interact with others. If you have any questions about daycare at The Dog Stop, feel free to check out this link on what our doggy daycare looks like. 


Multiple dogs in a indoor daycare at the Dog Stop


Just because the sun isn’t as warm, doesn’t mean that the fun must stop. Whether it be teaching your dog a new skill, getting them an enriching toy, or sending them off to make new friends at daycare, there are countless ways to entertain your dog indoors this winter!

At The Dog Stop, we care about helping you find the best ways to care for your dog whether it be in our Stops or your home. For more information on all of our services and resources, find your local Stop today!


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