The Benefits of Puppy Classes on Socialization

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training For First-Time Dog Owners

Dogs and humans are not that different, and their fundamental needs are very similar between both.

Besides nutrition and training, socialization is vital to the progress and wellness of your puppy. Just like people, dogs need to socialize to be at their best. Many people still fail to acknowledge the importance and therefore are not able to take proper care of their pup’s socialization needs. Lack of socialization can lead to many problems such as bad behavior, anxiety, and nervousness.

That is why for a first-time dog owner that wants to give their pup a healthy learning foundation, consider the socialization aspect of learning, along with the other fundamental areas of development.

The nice thing here is, your life doesn’t have to change entirelyr you to keep your dog social, and can often come along with other daily dog care tasks. When you walk your dog, buddy up. Take your dog to a nearby dog park for them to be with other dogs – you get to take care of some of your socialization needs then as well! Go for group training, rather than individualized classes. For busy dog owners, dog daycare offers a great opportunity for your dog to socialize while you’re at work!


Puppy classes let your puppy meet other people and puppy peers

An essential part of the socialization of your puppy is meeting other dogs and other people. A study shows puppies that attend classes will be less likely to be nervous and have anxiety symptoms when introduced to a new environment. In a book by Dr. Ian Dunbar, “Before & After Getting Your Puppy,” He suggested that your puppy should meet around 100 people of different ethnic backgrounds, heights, ages, and looks in the first month at home.

Attending puppy classes are one of the best ways to do just that.

Reinforce training

Puppy classes are not just for your dog, but for dog owners as well! Owners that attend classes are exposed to different types of proper training methods. As a result, owners treat their puppies in a better manner than those who don’t attend. Researchers have also found out that attendees are more likely to reward their puppy for good behavior, therefore preventing unwanted behavior.

By attending puppy classes, you and your canine companion can build a stronger bond and improve the relationship with your beloved pup, while introducing them to other people and dogs.

Health benefits

When your puppy is happy, it improves not just their mood but general health of the body and mind. Again, look at similarities with people. When you or someone you know is down, their health and physical wellbeing can often dip as well. Many classes ensure the health of your pup by looking after them. Your puppies will spend time interacting and playing with other puppies.

A social dog is a happy dog! When dogs aren’t anxious, they will spend more time having fun rather than stressing out. One important implication of this is that your puppy will have fewer fear responses to the different training programs that you need to give to your pup.


It’s important to note that not all puppy classes offer a curriculum that focuses on the value of socialization. Research by Ontario Veterinary College found out that less than half include lessons on continuous exposure and only 70% lets puppies play with each other. Choose your puppy classes wisely. Choose the ones that will have all the ingredients to successful socialization. Talk to the instructors and monitor its course to ensure quality.