Tips for Running a Dog Daycare Franchise

If you’ve been seeking franchise investment opportunities and your ears perk at the idea of running your own dog daycare business, The Dog Stop wants to help you get to the next step. In this blog, we tell you:

  • Why the pet care industry is a good investment.
  • What makes The Dog Stop stand out from other dog daycares.
  • How to make sure your dog daycare business is successful.

Keep reading for tips on how to run a successful dog daycare franchise.

Why the Pet Care Industry is a Good Investment

Despite uncountable business closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw a surge in pet ownership and, as a result, the pet industry saw a surge in profit.

Reasons for the Pet Care Industry’s Growth Over the Last 2 Decades:

  • Pet owners are more informed and mindful about pet care.
  • There’s a higher demand for a variety of pet products so people can customize how they care for their pet.
  • There is less pressure to have kids early on, and people are choosing to have pets over children.
  • Millennials make up the majority of pet owners and invest more in their “fur baby” than the generations before them.

Starter children, pet parents, and—of course—fur babies are terms that the majority of pet owners use to refer to their pets, who are seen as official family members more today than at any other point in history. 

Why Invest in a Dog Daycare Franchise?

Regardless of the stark differences between how one generation raises their pets compared to the other, dogs have stayed the most popular domestic companion. Dog owners value dog daycares over methods like crating or hiring a pet sitter as they become more attentive to their pupper’s needs and happiness.

Investing in a dog day care franchise not only invites you into an industry of ongoing success; it gives you the opportunity to indulge in your love for dogs by providing quality products, care, and unlimited belly rubs.

What Separates The Dog Stop from Other Dog Daycares?

Owners Jesse Coslov and Chris Kane founded The Dog Stop following dissatisfaction they and local surveyed pet owners experienced in the pet care industry. Since opening the first Stop in Pittsburg, PA in 2009, The Dog Stop has expanded to 20 locations in 11 states, and plans to have 12 more up and running by 2023.

Pet parents who trust The Dog Stop with their canine kids are confident that their pet is well taken care of while they’re away—not whimpering in a kennel for hours on end. The Dog Stop stays true to its mission to be the premier dog care provider by:

  • Serving our franchisees throughout the entirety of franchise ownership—not just the start-up.
  • Teaming up with expert realtors to secure a dog daycare business location.
  • Providing in-depth training for our dog daycare franchise owners and staff to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in business and pet care.
  • Tailoring our dog daycare groups for age and social behaviors.
  • Operating on a customer-centered experience, for both dogs and owners.

5 Tips for Running a Successful Dog Daycare Franchise

1. Heel to the Already Proven System

The best dog daycare franchises follow a business system developed by years of market research, fine-tuning, and personal experiences. While following a previously established business model seems to crate your creativity as a business owner, The Dog Stop’s proven success instills confidence in its rooted system—and you don’t have to spend days drafting a business model before getting your franchise investment off the ground. The Dog Stop delivers a time-tested business system to its franchisees and gives you the attention you deserve out of your investment.

2. Create a Place Dogs and Owners Will Love

A colorless lobby and barracks of cement-floored kennels don’t cut it in today’s pet-focused society. Dog daycares are expected to reflect the hospitality implied in names “Camp Bow Wow” and “Dogtopia.” A dog daycare that resembles a prison is not going to earn business from anyone who refers to their pooch as their “pawghter.”

The Dog Stop’s welcoming brand is bred into all of our buildings. We provide our franchisees with the best design, construction, and equipment needed to keep dogs and their pawrents coming back. From stocking retail shelves with quality food and dog care essentials to equipping all our facilities with outdoor and indoor play areas, turf surfaces, and grooming stations, The Dog Stop provides a one-stop-shop for everything our loyal clients need. 

3. Be Well-trained with Your Finances

Understanding your finances and knowing where they’re going is the core of successful franchise ownership. Neglecting how start-up costs compare to your profit reality guarantees franchise failure. Luckily, we would never do that to our franchisees. By being transparent about the cost of a dog daycare franchise and offering unmatched support from a team of experienced executives and management personnel, we do everything we can to make sure our franchisees see success in the dog daycare business.

4. Provide Excellent Training (and we’re not talking about for the dogs)

Employee competence is a critical factor in The Dog Stop’s business system. Aside from adoring all canine companions, The Dog Stop’s staff members pass written and physical tests to confirm their proficiency in managing dogs. Our franchise owners are fully supported when it comes to ensuring you and your hires are properly trained in all aspects of professional dog care.

The Dog Stop’s Training Support Includes In-depth Training in:

  • Employee and financial administration.
  • Business operations.
  • Retail best practices.
  • Expert dog care.
  • Dog language and social behaviors.

5. Provide Dog-gone Good Customer Service

You can follow a business model to the T, construct the trendiest doggie daycare in the neighborhood, and seize every training opportunity available to you and your employees; but the key to running a successful dog daycare business is customer service.

The Dog Stop understands that being the best dog care provider doesn’t mean being the biggest. We would rather take time to listen to our pet and human clients’ needs and cater to special accommodations than quickly herd every dog that trots through our doors into a one-size-fits-all program. Ensuring your customers have a positive experience with your business is the #1 way for your dog daycare franchise to succeed.

Become a Franchise Owner with The Dog Stop!

Running a dog daycare franchise isn’t always a walk in the park, but The Dog Stop’s exceptional commitment to the success of our franchisees guides you every step of the way and invites you to be part of a multi-billion dollar industry. If owning a dog daycare franchise with The Dog Stop has your figurative tail wagging, fill out this form to alert one of our dedicated team members that you’re ready to learn more.