What Makes the Dog Stop Different Than Other Dog Day Cares?

Over the years, the Dog Stop has won awards for being the best pet resort and dog daycare. Today, these grooming facilities are authorized by ABC. Originally opened up in 2008 by Chris Kane and Jesse Coslov, the Dog Stop has quickly expanded to become a popular dog daycare franchise.

What Does the Dog Stop Offer?

At the Dog Stop, the goal is to give each pet owner an all-inclusive experience. Dogs love coming to the Dog Stop because of the safe, upbeat environment. Plus, pet owners can enjoy having educational opportunities and a range of top-rated products. Dog owners can enjoy some of the following services.

  • Dog daycare: Many dogs do not like being left at home alone. This is why many pet owners bring their pups to a dog daycare franchise. Each pup is placed in a hand-selected playgroup, so they can enjoy a healthy, happy experience.
  • Grooming: Pups can enjoy a spa-like experience through the Dog Stop’s baths, teeth services, nail grinds, baths and other options.
  • Training: If pet owners want their dogs to behave, the Dog Stop’s training options can help. These training classes can take plan individually or in a group.
  • Retail shops: Franchise owners can easily bring in extra revenue through the Dog Stop’s retail stores. These shops sell high-quality food, toys and other pet products.
  • Dog boarding: When dog owners are out of town, they can use the Dog Stop’s boarding services. These all-inclusive packages are lucrative for franchise owners and provide peace of mind for dog owners.

What Makes the Dog Stop Different From Other Dog Daycares?

One of the main reasons investors start a dog daycare franchise with the Dog Stop is because of our high-quality services. Dog owners quickly become returning customers once they see how their pups are taken care of. In addition, this dog daycare franchise offers great returns for investors.

Pups Can Play in All Kinds of Weather

If you check out other dog daycares, you will notice that pups are kept inside on hot and cold days. Whether there is rain, snow or sunshine, the Dog Stop has a year-round outdoor area where pups can play. Each facility also comes with a climate-controlled area that pups can go to if they do not want to be outside.

Dogs Are Placed in Special Playgroups

People do not get along with everyone they meet, and dogs are the same way. At the Dog Stop, each dog is placed in a playgroup that matches the pup’s play style and age. Because of this, the Dog Stop’s pups can always have a safe, positive experience when they come to dog daycare.

Our Surfaces Are Chosen With Care

Some dog daycare franchises use concrete floors because they are easy to clean and cheap. Unfortunately, these floors are horrible for pets. At the Dog Stop, we use turf play areas to create a grass-like environment. Additionally, we have surfaces that support the joins and protect paw pads.

Customers Enjoy Our Pricing Plans

Customers love our dog daycare because we never charge hidden fees. We offer competitive prices for top-of-the-line services. From our all-inclusive rates to our standard prices, we never use add-on charges.

We Accept Non-social Dogs

Other kennels refuse to take on non-social pups. We think this is a major issue because non-social dogs cannot learn how to socialize when they are deliberately kept apart. At the Dog Stop, we will give each dog one-on-one time with a canine friend to help them learn how to socialize.

Our Dog Daycare Has Excellent Enclosures

All of our kennels are made to withstand the elements. Meanwhile, we use fencing materials that prevent pups from climbing. Because we use antimicrobial surfaces, these enclosures are easy to clean.

All of Our Team Members Are Highly Trained

We carefully vet all of our employees. Once they are hired, they are trained according to the standards set by the American Association of Canine Pack Handlers. Then, they must pass physical and written tests before they can work with a single pet.

Whether you need dog daycare for your pooch or want to start a dog daycare franchise, you have come to the right place. Located throughout the country, the Dog Stop is the place to go for superior pet services and boarding options. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today.