The Dog Stop® offers a variety of services including full-service grooms, baths, shed-reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail trims, nail grinds, and more.

Please Note: Prices can increase due to condition of coat, matting, behavior, scissor cuts or feces removal. We require the rabies vaccine upon or prior to arrival, just having the tag is not enough as it does not have the expiration date. Please be advised that it is the owner’s responsibility to know when the vaccine expires, and to bring in an updated copy of the records when needed.

Full-Service Groom – Call for Pricing

Includes soothing shampoo, haircut, blow dry, ears checked and cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands checked.

Full-Service Bath – Call for Pricing

Includes shampoo, blow dry, ears checked and cleaned, anal glands checked, and nails trimmed.

Grooming and Bathing Upgrades:

Lap of Luxury: Upgrade your dogs’ bath or groom to the “lap of luxury” and get your dog a special conditioner, and your choice of a nail grind OR a teeth brushing.

 Royal Treatment: Upgrade your dogs’ bath or groom to the “royal treatment” and get your dog a special conditioner, and both a nail grind AND a teeth brushing.

Grooming and Bathing Add On’s: 

  • Add a nail grind for an additional $7 
  • Add a flea bath, starting at an additional  $10
  • Add a de-shedding treatment, starting at an additional $20

Individual Services:

Nail Grind – $12

Grinding down the nails with a specialized tool.

Quick Trim – $10

Just a quick trim of the nails.

Teeth Brushing – $10

A minty foam paste and a quick brushing of the teeth. Includes a toothbrush for

you to keep!

De-Matting – $20+

If your dog is matted, and you want to keep the hair long, brushing will be required. Depending on the severity of the matting, the price could increase.

If your dog is getting shaved and there is matting, this fee will be included as well.

Please see our matting page for more information, and be sure to talk to your groomers about any questions or concerns you have.

Dog Grooming at The Dog Stop® in Wilmington DE

Your puppy needs to get off to the right start when it comes to his grooming habits. Sometimes a bath tub or blow dry can be scary, but our patient and compassionate dog groomers will help your first-timer through the experience. How they remember their first time can determine how much they look forward to, or fear, any future grooming trips. At The Dog Stop we strive to make that first puppy grooming experience fun and rewarding!

  • Come in for a padicure! The feet are an important part of the overall package, so make sure your dog’s toenails are trimmed and their paw pads are well moisturized.
  • Our full service grooming includes a shampoo, blow dry, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland check, and a great looking bandana as the finishing touch!
  • Stop wrestling with search engines trying to find “dog groomers in my area” and come right to the source of many happy clients and customers at The Dog Stop!
  • We can add extra options into any package as well including a flea bath, deshedding treatment for those thick or long coats, or a nail grind using a specialized grinding tool.
  • Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are welcome! Our dog groomers are experienced in a variety of cuts, trims and bathing methods to make sure your companion looks his or her absolute best!