Steps to Take Before Investing In a Dog Daycare Franchise

You are an avid dog lover; you think you’ve got what it takes and are ready to start your own doggie daycare. This is great news! You’ve done the research, are ready to start your own business, are willing to follow a proven system, and are looking forward to working closely with a franchisor with an excellent reputation and method for success. Now you might be wondering, what are the next steps, how much does it cost to start a doggie daycare, and how do I get started? You’ve come to the right place because The Dog Stop has the answers you need.

A Dog Daycare Franchise

If you’ve gotten this far, you already know what a dog daycare is. But to recap, here’s a reminder of what being a franchise means. A franchise is a business owned and operated by an individual, such as yourself, referred to as the franchisee, but who also uses the branding and name of a much larger company, known as the franchisor. This is especially helpful to start-up businesses as they enter a world full of competition and already established brands. We’ve all heard of Pizza Hut, UPS stores, Ace Hardware, and Hilton hotels. These are all examples of franchises. At The Dog Stop, we work closely with our franchisees offering support and guidance every step of the way.

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Benefits for Dogs

People love their pets, and there is no doubt that a dog is a man’s best friend. According to The American Pet Products Association (APPA) pet statistics, nearly 70% of US households have at least one pet, with average annual expenses ranging around $1,380 per household. But people are also busier than ever, holding down several jobs, raising kids, and being involved in extracurricular activities, all leading to their beloved dogs being left at home unattended. This is where doggie daycares come in. There are tremendous benefits for both dogs and their pet owners to invest in doggie daycare. Here are a few of them. 

Separation Anxiety

Many pet owners work all day, leaving their dogs at home to become bored, sad, lonely, or stressed. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may lash out by destroying furniture, chewing on the owner’s belongings, harming themselves, or bothering neighbors with constant barking and howling. Probably the biggest benefit for dogs who are enrolled in doggie daycare is that they are never alone!

Healthy Exercise

Lack of exercise and stimulation is never good for a dog’s health. Even with toys at home, dogs often need encouragement to play. At doggie daycare, staff are trained and know how to entertain and play with these furry canines. They can run around with other dogs, play fetch and go on walks. Dogs left at home for hours at a time often get into trouble, digging up holes in the yard or running circles and ruining the grass. But a doggie daycare, they’ll have plenty of equipment and activities to utilize to keep them occupied. 

Social Interaction

Dogs are social creatures, and spending time at a doggie daycare will have them making lots of new friends. They can run around and play for hours with their own kind. 

Change of Scenery

A dog’s home and family are their entire world. Going to a doggie daycare gives them a new place to explore. It offers new rooms to discover, trees and plants to sniff, and a new world of adventure. Dogs will love having a change of scenery to break up the monotony of each day. 

Benefits for Dog Owners

No Strangers in the House

Pet sitters are great and have their advantages, but who wants to let strangers in their home if they don’t have to? Utilizing a doggie daycare removes the stress and anxiety of giving someone access to a pet owner’s keys and private residence. 

Peace of Mind

Having a place to keep their furry best friend throughout the day gives pet owners peace of mind and a sense of confidence their dog is in good hands. 

Dog Grooming

Most dog daycares offer to groom. This can save a pet owner valuable time taking their pet to the groomers. Dogs can go home relaxed and stress-free with their nails clipped and their hair groomed. 

Extra Free Time

Knowing that their dog is in good hands gives pet owners the ability to work late if needed, run errands after work, or have downtime before picking up their beloved best friend. It also means no running home over lunch or between shifts to feed and walk the dog. 

Steps Involved When Starting a Dog Day Care

Now that we’ve established how important dog daycare is for everyone, let’s start a doggie daycare! Let’s begin with the following steps: 


One of the most critical components of starting a dog daycare franchise is finding a location. Everything, down to the size of the facility, location to competitors, terms of the lease, and layout, are extremely crucial details. The national real estate team at the Dog Stop can help you find the perfect location and negotiate your terms of service. 

Facility Layout, Equipment, and Supplies

Next, you want to factor in your facility’s layout. While items can be purchased and obtained throughout the first few months after opening, there are certain types of equipment and supplies you will need on the first day. At the Dog Stop, we provide our franchisees with prototype layouts, including doggie play areas, grooming rooms, and outside play yards. We have relationships with some of the best suppliers of dog equipment and supplies, pet care management software, and anything else you need to start your business. 


Prior to opening your dog care franchise, you will need help from staff. The Dog Stop offers extensive training in all aspects of your operation. Our pet care management software can help keep track of all your clients and activities, saving you both time and labor costs.

Marketing and Advertising

Lastly, you will need to think about how to market and advertise your business. When you partner with The Dog Stop, you receive full-time and marketing advertising support, including all of the following:

  • Brand and website management 
  • Help with budgeting, 
  • Media Buying
  • Event planning 
  • Community relations
  • Public relations
  • Social media management

Financial Investment

There is a financial investment needed in starting a doggie daycare franchise. What does the dog daycare franchise cost? To get the location open and operating, the average franchise investment ranges from $400,000 to $500,000. At The Dog Stop, we require a minimum net worth of $750,000 and at least $150,000 in liquidity to protect you and ensure you are sufficiently able to build and operate your business. Other fees include:

  • A franchise fee of $49,500 and includes all mentioned support services.
  • A royalty fee of 6% of gross sales paid weekly. 
  • Brand development and marketing fees for promotion are 2%

Start Your Dog Daycare Franchise With the Dog Stop Today!

When you partner with The Dog Stop, rest assured we are with you every step of the way. The Dog Stop utilizes a franchise model that offers our franchisees the attention they deserve right from the start. We take the “business in a box” idea out of the box, provide training, and help generate revenue in many different ways. We’ve been delivering an exceptional experience to dogs, their families, and franchises for over a decade. Take the next steps in starting a doggie daycare today and contact The Dog Stop.