Total Cost to Open a The Dog Stop® Location

The total investment to open a The Dog Stop® franchise can range from $259,500 to $675, 300 with the biggest variable being the condition of the premises you rent or buy, and the amount of lease hold improvements it needs.  In order to protect you and make sure you are adequately capitalized to build and properly operate your store, we require a minimum net worth of $1,000,000 and at least $200,000 in liquidity to secure appropriate financing and get through the ramp up period most new businesses experience.

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is $49,500 and includes all mentioned support services. As an indication of our appreciation to our veterans, we have a special discount fee exclusively for them. (Veterans and Wounded Warriors)

Royalty Fee

Our royalty fee is 6% of gross sales, paid weekly, which are the lowest in this franchise sector. As with everything we do, we are committed to making our franchise partners as successful as possible That is why we have the lowest royalty fees in the dog care industry.

Advertising Requirements and Fees

There is a 2% brand development fee that is payable weekly which goes into a fund dedicated to creating and producing POP materials, outdoor signage as well as local store marketing. All efforts go towards media that will benefit you. The Dog Stop Franchising, LLC does not use any of these funds to promote the sale of franchises.

Multiple Stores and Area Development Agreements

While our competitors require a significant number of stores before offering any reduction in fees, we do it starting with the second store. We also will consider area development agreements  and area representative agreements for those who qualify… but there is no pressure for anyone to develop more than one store.


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Sales disclosure: The communications made through this web page should not be construed as an offer to sell a franchise in, nor are the communications directed by or on behalf of The Dog Stop® to the residents of, any jurisdiction that requires registration of a franchise prior to offering and selling the franchise in that jurisdiction. No franchises will be sold to any resident of any such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), if any, has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law. Nothing in this disclaimer should be construed as a waiver of any applicable exemption provisions that may be available to The Dog Stop®.