Everything You Need to Know About The Dog Stop Franchise

Established in 2009, The Dog Stop is a dog daycare franchise with many locations in 11 states. A client-focused operation, we provide services ranging from grooming and daycare to boarding and training. The Dog Stop can be a great franchise opportunity for business-oriented people who love working with dogs.

Our Professional Services

Grooming services at The Dog Stop include shampoos, blow dries, ear cleanings, nail trimmings and anal gland inspections. Our employees use Mutt Nose Best products to shampoo and condition dogs’ fur. Clients can also opt for their dogs to have teeth cleanings, de-shedding treatments and flea baths.

The Dog Stop offers daily dog daycare that involves lots of playtime and exercise. For clients who need longer-term dog care, we provide boarding services every day of the year. The Dog Stop administers medication and follows dogs’ dietary needs. We ask that dogs over seven months old be neutered or spayed, and vaccinations must be up to date.

Training classes take place in either individual or group settings. The Dog Stop’s employees conduct classes such as obedience training, therapy dog preparation, behavior modification and boot camp. Our dog daycare also provides in-home services that include pet sitting, home visits, dog walking and veterinary transportation.

Our dog daycare franchise has retail stores that offer high-quality, low-price products for dogs and cats. These include toys, supplements, treats, natural foods and chews. Safety items such as collars and leashes are available at our stores. We carry products that customers cannot typically find at large-scale pet retail shops.

Dog Daycare Policies

Jesse Coslov and Chris Kane founded The Dog Stop on the principle of client satisfaction. With this in mind, we provide specialized dog play groups according to play style and age. All dogs take a temperament test so that we can match them with compatible playmates. Our clients with non-social dogs are also welcome at The Dog Stop, where we offer one-on-one work with staff.

We are an indoor/outdoor facility that offers year-round, all-weather play. At The Dog Stop, play surfaces feature turf that is ideal for keeping paw pads and joints protected. Our enclosures, including fencing and kennels, are durable, easy to clean and made from antimicrobial materials.

All staff members at our dog daycare franchise receive American Association of Canine Pack Handlers (AACPH) training that enables them to work with large groups of dogs. Our pricing is competitive and never involves hidden fees.

Locations and Franchise Opportunities

The Dog Stop currently has franchises in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Is dog daycare profitable? With pet care projected to grow 5-7% annually, this industry is lucrative. Our franchisees operate dog daycare services with the backing of professionals who encourage their success.

Franchise Investment Requirements

To invest in The Dog Stop, franchisees need to have a net worth of at least $1 million and minimum liquidity of $200,000. Depending on the buildings that they rent or purchase, their individual investment in our dog daycare franchise ranges between $259,500-$675,300. The royalty fee on gross sales is 6%, and the brand development fee is 2%. We also require a $49,500 franchise fee.

Franchisee Support

A real estate team helps The Dog Stop franchisees choose a location and negotiate lease terms. Our franchise operators receive facility layout plans and access to equipment and company software suppliers. When setting up and running a dog daycare, franchisees use thorough training manuals that cover all business procedures.

Advertising and marketing assistance is available for our franchisees. We help with grand openings, website and social media management, budgeting, event planning, media buying and public relations. Our experts also visit franchises regularly and offer telephone and email support.

Get in Contact

Contact The Dog Stop to provide some general information and learn more about our dog daycare franchise. Whether you want to become a client or franchisee, we give you the opportunity to meet many people and their furry companions.