Is Starting a Dog Daycare Business Right For You?

Have you been considering starting a dog daycare business? This is the perfect time to do so! In fact, pet industry spending increased by $6.5 billion between 2019 and 2020, and it’s still on its way up. That’s the reason that The Dog Shop and other similar companies are booming and have a difficult time filling the demand. Operating your own dog daycare business can fill part of this need, while also providing you with countless dogs to be around!

How Much Patience Do You Have?

Starting a successful dog daycare will require lots of patience. You must set everything up first, then wait for your marketing efforts and word of mouth to spread. Most of these businesses have a waiting list, but they’ve also put in the hard work to make that happen. If you’re patient and willing to work for it, your shop can go from nearly empty to completely full.

Choose Your Facility Carefully

Investing in a building is a major step toward launching your business. You must be willing to take the time necessary to find the right location at the right price. Try not to pick a building that will quickly be bursting at the seams. At the same time, don’t take on more than you can afford, either. Take the time to get to know the area you’re interested in and make sure it’s in a good location for most of your desired clients.

How Much Money is on the Table?

Even if you’ve thinking about setting up shop in a small town, there’s still room to make a healthy profit. However, you must ensure that you’ll bring in more money than you spend. One of the ways you can do this is by checking out local competitors and setting your prices accordingly. You can also increase your client load by doing things such as streaming live from inside your facility. Remember: you want to charge what you’re worth, but you also don’t want to overcharge to the point of not being an option for your clientele.

Utilize Effective Software Tools

This is the part that many dog daycare owners never consider upfront, but it will save you so much time and hassle if you do. After all, running a business is about much more than playing with cute dogs. You’re going to want online booking, a customer portal, pet management features, automatic communication such as booking reminders, marketing features and much more. You may not be familiar with all of the different types of software that are available for your business, but you’ll need to be willing to learn.

Ask Yourself Why You Want a Dog Daycare

Are you only looking to make lots of money or do you really care about the well-being of dogs? The industry is doing very well, but it’s not worth getting into if your sole purpose is to make bank. The reality is that each dog will have its own unique personality and needs. Be sure you’re truly ready to help them before you launch a dog daycare business.


If you’re certain you want to open a dog daycare, you can begin by looking at successful examples of what to do. For instance, The Dog Shop has become a highly popular spot, and they even offer dog daycare franchise opportunities. To learn more about this good investment opportunity, contact The Dog Shop today!