The Top 7 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Carefully choosing holiday gift ideas for your dog can be extremely stressful, but not if you shop at The Dog Stop. Here are our top 7 Holiday gift ideas that you’re pup will love. All of these gift ideas are available at The Dog Stop near you.

1: Treats 

dog treatThe best way to your pup’s heart is through its stomach! We know that what your dog is really wishing for this holiday season is some delicious goodies waiting for them underneath the tree. When gifting your dog treats, remember that it is still important to give them high quality and good tasting snacks. Some of our favorite snacks that you can find at your local stop are from Stella & Chewy’s, Grandma Lucy’s, and Bocce’s Bakery. 



2: Dog Chews 

dog chewsWhether you gift them delicious biscuits or a flavor filled bone, your pup will surely thank you! When it comes to dog chews, there are countless options. Remember if you decide on giving your dog a bone, that it is super important to avoid giving them rawhide. There are plenty of great rawhide alternatives that will keep your pup satisfied for hours! Some of our favorite rawhide substitutesinclude chews from Earth Animal or Benebone! 



3: Kong Dog Toys 

kong toyOne of our favorite products to recommend to pet owners is a dog toy from Kong! Kong offers a variety of toys that will keep your dog entertained, stimulated, and happy. Depending on your dog’s needs, Kong offers different toy options to entertain every player. Some of our favorites include their Kong Classic, Wobbler, AirDog Squeaker Football, and Cozies! Kong even offers a line specifically made for puppies and senior dogs. Regardless of what kind of dog you have, we are sure there is a Kong product you and your pet will love! 



4: Snuffle Mat 

dog snuffle matOne gift that your dog may not already have but should is a snuffle mat. Snuffle mats are interactive dog puzzle toys that allow your dog to use their sense of smell to find dry treats in. Snuffle mats can be a great way to keep your dog stimulated and can slow down eating which reduces bloating and stomach pains. Snuffle mats can even help with anxiety.  



5: Lick Mats 

dog lick matLick mats can be a great way to stimulate your dog or even to help curb any anxiety they may be experiencing. Lick mats are a super easy way to give your dog their next treat. You can spread peanut butter, pumpkin for dogs, or your favorite soft spreadable dog treat on them! Lick mats are one of our favorite delights we offer in stores, so we are sure your dog would be delighted to have one at home! 




6: Apparel 

dog accessoriesWhile this may be more of a gift for mom or dad, gifting new apparel can also be a treat for Fido! Whether it be a new leash or harness, or even an anxiety jacket your dog can be happy with something new for their wardrobe.  




7: A Trip to Daycare 

dog daycareDaycare is the perfect gift for your dog because it keeps them entertained and excited all day. At daycare, your dog can make some of their best friends and have fun with them all day long. Daycare also would be a gift for yourself because it will tire your dog out so all of that built up energy does not explode when you get home! If daycare sounds like it may be a good gift, then check out our blog on deciding if doggie daycare is right for you!