Ways to Prepare to Be a Franchise Owner

Have you ever thought about opening your own dog daycare business? Owning your own business can be a very rewarding experience. With more and more young people adopting dogs, the demand for doggy daycare is on the rise. This means there are plenty of opportunities out there for those with entrepreneurial ambition. But starting your own business from the ground up can cost a lot of money and comes with a lot of risk. Owning a franchise, on the other hand, comes with much less risk and the support of the franchise itself to help you out. Here we will discuss how you should prepare before you partner with a dog daycare franchise.

Develop a Business Plan

One of your most important tools in starting your business is a business plan. A business plan can help you secure funding from financial institutions by proving to them that you are a good investment. This includes finding a suitable location, figuring out finances, and getting down on paper details such as market goals and what differentiates you from other businesses. 

Do Research

Before you dive head-first into the dog daycare game, you need to do your research. This is a long-term commitment, and you are investing in your future and your family’s future. Be sure to do plenty of research on the franchise you want to open. Look into the culture of the franchise and check reviews from other locations. 

The best source to get raw information is from current and former franchisees and employees. They can offer some valuable tips to help you get your dog daycare up and running. 

Analyze the Business’s Performance. 

You can learn about the business’s operations and profitability from balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. The SEC’s website allows you to research a public company’s financial information. 

Secure Financing

A strong financial position will convince lenders and investors that your business is a good investment. You will be asked how much money you have, how much money you need, and how much money you expect to make in the near future. Don’t ask for more funding than you need, even if a bit extra will help you cover unexpected costs.

The total investment to open a The Dog Stop franchise can range from $354,000 to $813,350. Make sure you understand how much the upfront investment is before you get yourself into a hole you won’t be able to climb out of. To secure appropriate financing and get through the ramp-up period, we require a minimum net worth of $750,000 and at least $150,000 in liquidity.

What Resources and Support Do They Offer?

A franchise represents the brand name of the company, so any shortcomings can reflect poorly on the company. To help you succeed, smart franchises should provide support and resources. If you are considering a franchise, you should check what kind of support it offers. At The Dog Stop, we offer franchisees support with:

  • Location selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Financing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Equipment 
  • Training
  • Use of Pet Care Management Software
  • Much more

Have a Lawyer Review all Documents

There is a lot of paperwork involved in starting your own franchise. The terms of a lot of documents must be understood and signed. A lawyer can help guide you through documents and help you understand things better so you don’t make any financial mistakes.  

Do You Have What it Takes to Run a Dog Daycare Franchise?

At The Dog Stop we support and love our family of franchisees as much as the pups we take care of. We offer training and support for anything you need to get your franchise up and running. If you are ready to start your own franchise with The Dog Stop, contact us here