Holiday Styles That Your Dog Groomer Loves to Give!

As you prepare yourself and your family for the holidays, don’t forget the furry members of your family. Whether you’re staying home or traveling, your dog deserves to look his best this time of year too. You may or may not dress your pup up in a festive outfit, but you can get him looking (and smelling) his best with a trip to your favorite, professional dog groomer A bath, a fresh haircut, and a nail trim will leave your dog ready for family photos.

Just as you may want to try a new hairstyle for yourself, you can also try something new with your dog. Depending on your dog’s breed, hair length and hair type, you could have many styles to choose from–some traditional and some a bit more unique. Just because your dog is a Schnauzer and not a Maltese doesn’t mean he can’t have a fun hairstyle.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 5 fun hairstyles for the holidays, check out these ideas and book an appointment with your dog groomer before their schedule fills.

The Dog Stop - Dog Grooming example

Lamb Cut

Poodles are not the only dogs that have lamb cuts. The lamb cut is popular among owners of a variety of breeds. With the lamb cut, the hair at the back, neck, and belly is left about 1/4th inch long. The hair on the head, tail, and legs are trimmed to blend with the body. The fur on the legs is left a bit longer, giving the cut a well- rounded, proportionate appearance.

The Dog Stop - Dog Grooming example

Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love cuddly teddy bears? If your dog has thick fur, he may look just like a teddy bear with this hairstyle. Generally, the fur is trimmed to all one length with this cut. The length is typically between ½ inch to 1-inch length all over the body and legs.

The Dog Stop - Dog Grooming example

Lion Cut

If you really want to make a statement, the lion cut might be the ultimate hairstyle for the long-haired dog.  The lion cut is popular with Pomeranians. However, the larger the dog, the more lion-like the look. The lion cut leaves most of the dog’s hair very short in contrast to the long fur around the neck and head, which gives the appearance of a mane.

The Dog Stop - Dog Grooming example


Your dog will be sure to turn heads when sporting this unique style. Whether having braided ears, or a French braid down the back, many dogs can wear some form of a braid. A dog that has at least a 4-inch coat is a good a braid candidate. Finished with a bow, your dog is ready to join in the festivities.

The Dog Stop - Dog Grooming example

Ribbons Bows and Bandanas

Speaking of bows, if your dog’s fur is short, you can still dress them  up for the holidays. Bow ties, ribbons, and bandanas can all be used to give your dog some holiday cheer. The Dog Stop has a well-stocked retail store that is full of fun accessories and treats not only for the holidays, but for every day!

Get your dog ready for parties and photo ops with one of these 5 fun dog hairstyles for the holidays. Find a dog groomer near you and get your pup ready for the holidays!