Grooming tips for a Healthy Dog


No matter what time of year it is, every season presents its own reasons for why dog owners should keep a close eye on their dog’s fur, skin, and ears. However, the summertime is when you’ll really want to give your pups a thorough go-over as their time outside may increase greatly during the warmer weather.

As summer continues, there’s no better time than now to introduce Buster to a regular grooming routine. This September, your friends at The Dog Stop share their thoughts on daily grooming habits and why a visit to one of our friendly groomers will help keep Buster healthy all year long!


Too Hot to Trot

If you haven’t been brushing your dog regularly, you should start doing so now. A canine has the natural ability to shed and regulate his internal temperature, and while your dog lost a lot of his coat in the months leading up to summer, it’s a good idea to brush them once a day to help with excess fur and matting. Excessive fur will make it tough for your dog to cool down, and matting can cause skin irritation and infection thanks to bacteria living in warm places.


To Shave or Not to Shave

While keeping up with the length and fullness of your dog’s coat is beneficial, completely shaving your dog is not recommended by most dog professionals. Shaving can interrupt the natural ability to regulate body temp as previously mentioned. Of course, if matting is present, shaving may be the only option.


See Spot Run

If your yard is fenced in, you frequent the trails often, or you never leave for camping without her, your dog’s exposure to the outdoors makes her prone to fleas, ticks, and pesky thorn bushes. If you’re not checking your dog’s skin and fur frequently, anything left behind can present larger issues in the future like pain, infection, or Lyme disease.


Ears to You!

If you have a pool or your dog spends any time in a river or lake, it’s important to clean his ears often, as bacteria and dirt love the spider-webbed folds that lead to his ear canal. Treat them naturally at home by mixing 1-part vinegar to 1-part water to rid their ears of bacteria and dirt. Always check in with your vet when your dog’s ears are foul-smelling or they become ill, and be sure to follow-up with your groomer for routine cleanings.


To keep your dog healthy inside and out, be sure to maintain a daily grooming schedule. For the bigger jobs, leave it to the groomers at The Dog Stop! Visit one of our many locations around the country for a:

  • Full-Service Groom
  • Nail Trim
  • Deshedding Treatment
  • And more!

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