Dog Hygiene 101: The Importance of Trimmed Nails

Keeping up with your dog’s hygiene is an important responsibility that should never be ignored. The dirtier the dog means the greater the risk of injury and infection. This week, The Dog Stop takes a closer look at the importance of trimmed nails and how the occasional pedicure will help your dog stay healthy and happy.


Nails gone wild

If you can hear your dog before you see her, it may be a sign your dog’s nails need to be trimmed. Your dog’s toenails are more likely to get caught on carpet or break down to the quick if they’re left long. A bleeding quick can lead to a painful infection.


Walks are a bust

If you notice your dog is apprehensive about going for a walk or he flat out refuses to, it may be a result of painful overgrown toenails. Unkempt toenails can make walking to the park a difficult trek as your dog shifts his weight around trying to compensate for his overgrown toenails. This, in turn, causes unnecessary stress to your dog’s body. Before you head out for a walk, always check to be sure Fido’s nails are in good shape – if they curl under themselves or the paw pad it’s time to cut.


Scruffy Scissorhands!

If you don’t trim your dog’s toenails they’re more likely to scratch your floors. Unless you are into the distressed look, hardwood floors can take a real beating from your dog’s toenails. Worse, if your dog should jump and scratch you, your family, or your guests it can lead to the spread of germs. Reduce risk by keeping your dog’s nails short and rounded.


Keeping your dog’s toenails trimmed is a simple way to help prevent the spread of infection and accidental injury to Fido and your family. With the proper grooming tools, you can trim your dog’s nails right at home, or you can come into The Dog Stop, and we’ll take care of them for you! Whether it’s a quick trim, nail grind or full-service groom, call and schedule your dog’s next grooming service today. We use only the finest products and kindest techniques on our doggie clientele. We have grooming services available at all of our Delaware, Louisiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania locations –  stop in or call us today!

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