Are Dog Boarding Kennels okay for Puppies?

If you have a young puppy, leaving your little bundle in a foreign place with other fellow canines can be nerve-wracking. When people think of a boarding kennel, they picture dogs running around and playing with each other. Dog owners may get nervous imagining their precious pup in one place with other canines that may be bigger and more active. It’s totally understandable.

However, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry.  A boarding kennel is the best option for you to leave your beloved dog while you’re away. Of course, you need to choose the best puppy boarding that will suit your little one.

Below we’ve provided you with essential information on how to choose a good boarding kennel and prepare your little Fido for a fun and safe puppy boarding experience.


What age can you board a puppy successfully?

While boarding puppies is safe, there’s still a minimum age that is considered ideal for them to join a kennel. It’s recommended you board your young one when they’re at least four months old. The reason behind this is, during this period, your puppy should have completed their vaccinations. No dog parents want to leave their doggies when they’re not fully protected and especially not in a place where other canines haven’t had their shots done.

Remember that young pups are more vulnerable to diseases as their immune system is not yet fully developed like older dogs. Therefore, it’s crucial that you enroll your little Fido when the time is right.Puppy vaccination schedule


Consult with the vet


vet with puppy

Checking with your vet should be your first destination before dropping your beloved puppy to a boarding kennel for the first time. Consulting with the vet allows you to share any concerns that you may have. You’ll also be able to get professional advice regarding the safety and risks of your canine companion, including which vaccinations your puppy needs.


Furthermore, your vet can check your pup’s current health to see if they’ve got what it takes to go into boarding. Don’t hesitate to ask away all the questions you have. The more answers you get, the less worry you’ll have about enrolling your dog in a boarding kennel.


Do thorough research before enrolling your pup

Puppy sitting on grassWhen your vet has given you the green light to enroll your pup in a boarding kennel, the next step is to choose the place.

Before jumping in with your decision, you should always do research about the kennel. Not all boarding kennels are the same. Here are some important aspects that you should consider when researching a dog kennel:

Health requirements

A good boarding kennel should require all dogs to be vaccinated against rabies and other infectious diseases. If they don’t require any proof of vaccinations, go on to the next place.

Clean and spacious

See how rigorous their cleaning procedures are. Moreover, it’s a good idea to check out the place yourself to see how they handle the dogs. Bringing your puppy to their potential boarding facility is also a good option. See how your pup behaves at the boarding facility while taking a tour, and see how other canines behave as well.

Certified trainers

It’s vital that your canine companion is handled with dog trainers that know what they’re doing. Every dog owner surely wants their dog to be taken care of by professionals.

Programs and facilities

What activities do they offer? Do they separate dogs according to their age, size, and play style? Are canines supervised 24/7? Do they have live webcams where you can monitor your pooch yourself? Do they have indoor and outdoor areas? Are the surfaces safe? All of these questions are crucial for the safety of your dog.

Check online reviews

Going through comments and reviews are good indications of what the place is all about. If you have friends or colleagues that have enrolled their pups in a particular kennel, ask what they think of it.


Puppy boarding preparation checklist

Before you mark your calendar for boarding, run through a quick puppy boarding readiness checklist.

  • Does your pup respond to basic commands?
  • Are they comfortable being handled by strangers?
  • Have they started their potty training?
  • Are they up-to-date on all their vaccinations?
  • Do they eat and drink well?
  • Are they crate trained?
  • Do they deal well with lots of varied noises?

These are just a few boxes to tick off to ensure your little one is prepped for the boarding adventure. A puppy that checks these boxes is likely to have a smoother transition into the boarding environment.


At-home preparation

Besides all the professional help, there are things you can do yourself in preparing your furry friend for puppy boarding.

  • If you need to leave your puppy overnight at the boarding kennel, you want them to get used to sleeping alone. If your pooch is used to sleeping with you, have them sleep by themselves a few weeks before you board your pup.
  • Pack your pup’s favorite items to accompany them during their stay. Having some things that can remind them of home can help them feel calm. These items could be anything from their favorite treats, to toys, to items like comforters and pillows.
  • If you’re leaving your pup for an extended period, plan your trip ahead of time. Leaving puppies in a dog boarding facility requires more preparation and care than with an adult dog. The more your pup is ready for puppy boarding, the more fun and enjoyable it’ll be for them.


Puppy being heldTake some puppy training classes beforehand

As mentioned above, preparation is key, and one way to prepare your pup is by enrolling them in classes. Many dog boarding facilities offer many dog training classes that focus on different aspects, such as socialization, obedience, and behavior.

A boarding kennel is all about socialization. Certainly, you want your beloved pup to have an enjoyable time at the dog boarding kennel. According to experts, in the first three months, puppies will experience a socialization period that will permanently shape their personality. Therefore, it’s ideal that your pup has some socialization skills before making their first trip to a boarding kennel.

Here at the Dog Stop, we have everything covered for you. We understand the concerns that many dog owners have when enrolling their young pup in a boarding kennel. We get it. You want to make sure your puppy is in the best place while you’re away. Rest assured, The Dog Stop will make your puppy’s getaway the best yet. Come visit us at a location near you.