Are dog boarding kennels safe?

How to Know if a Dog Boarding Kennel is Safe

As a dog owner, there will be times when you’ll need to leave your beloved pup at a place you can trust. We completely understand how stressful it can be when there are so many things to factor in.  You’ll probably wonder if your dog (or even if your puppy) will enjoy their time there and if they will be safe.

However, with over 9,000 pet boarding facilities across the US and Canada, there must be a reason people entrust their pets to a professional boarding facility! A dog boarding kennel is a great option, however, not all are equal. So, to help you choose the safest kennel for your pooch, we’ve provided you with some essential information you need to know or ask the kennel before you drop off your canine companion.

Check their certifications

Any good dog boarding facility will proudly display their certifications, qualifications, and awards. You’ll quickly be able to establish their reputation and time in the field. A kennel that doesn’t have any kind of certifications or policies in place may keep you wondering how reliable they are, so be sure to check. Our staff are trained to manage packs of dogs according to AACPH standards. All staff members must pass written and physical tests to understand dog language and how to proactively deal with inappropriate behaviors in group play.

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Check their requirements for your dog

You should also look for their vaccination requirements. A good dog boarding kennel should require all dogs to have vaccinations done before checking in, to ensure the health of all dogs in their care. Make sure you also check-in on their policies around supplying medication – as some kennels may not administer. If your dog has any health or behavioral issues be sure to ask how they deal with these and what they require of you.

Check out their programs

Every dog is different, and nobody knows your canine companion better than you do. You’ll need to check out the dog boarding programs, such as its training and exercise programs to see if the programs provided will suit your dog. Some facilities, like The Dog Stop, provide extra boarding services to make your dog’s stay all the more exciting. The Dog Stop Delights are available daily to all overnight dog boarding and daycare guests. Delights include extra activities, treats, supplements, leash walks and one-on-one time with our canine caregivers. These extra services allow owners to customize their dog’s experience to their personal preferences.

See how they socialize the dogs in their care

The Dog Stop - Sewickley PA -doggie daycare 2It’s very important to know how the dog boarding place deals with interactions between dogs. What are their policies regarding dog playtime? While dog interactions have many benefits, it’s important that all playtimes are well planned and structured to ensure safety. Many dog kennels have allocated play areas for different sizes, breeds, and/or temperaments. Check with your local dog boarder to see how they socialize dogs in a safe and fun way.

See if they have cameras

While dogs may play nice in the presence of staff, things can go south if they’re left to their own devices. Check to see if the dog boarding facility has camera monitoring of some kind so that all dog behavior is monitored. In fact, at The Dog Stop – we provide all owners with access to the ‘Pup Cams’ which is a 24/7 Livestream so that you can check in to see how your dog is going.

Take a tour of the kennel

After finding some information online about various dog boarding places, you’ll need to visit the site itself. The best way to fully experience what the kennel is all about, and how they operate, is to take a tour. It’s here you’ll be able to see their facilities, ask any questions, and potentially bring in your pup so you can gauge their reaction to the place.

Check how clean the place is and what kind of staff they employ. At The Dog Stop, we encourage all our clients to take a tour before deciding, we’re so sure you’ll be impressed with our staff and facilities from your very first visit! We take dog safety during boarding very seriously so you can rest easy.

Communicate all-things to the dog boarding facility

Once you’ve chosen the boarding kennel for your beloved pup, make sure you let the boarders and trainers know everything about your dog. Let them know about your pup’s special needs, their medical history, and behavior. We also highly recommend checking their emergency precautions. How will they communicate with you if there are any issues during your dog’s stay?

The Dog Stop Boarding Kennel

Here at the Dog Stop, we offer one of a kind all-inclusive dog boarding kennel where your dog will have the best vacation while you’re away. We provide a safe, fun, and loving environment a happy dog playing in dog daycarefor all types of dogs. Our trainers and handlers are all certified, and we can assure you that your lovely pooch will get all the quality care that they deserve.


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