Spoil Your Pup with a Birthday Celebration at The Dog Stop

Nobody can throw a dog bash like us. We’re Paw-ty Animals!

As a pet parent, it’s important and fun to celebrate the milestones in your fur baby’s life, especially birthdays & “gotcha” days. They can be celebrated by spoiling your dog with new toys and treats, but the real fun is throwing them a puppy party!  

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning your pup’s party? It is not much different than a human party, just furrier. The first step is figuring out WHERE to host the party. You could host it at your home, or better yet, The Dog Stop, where your furniture won’t become chew toys.  

We love celebrating our family members, which is why we offer Birthday Bashes! For as low as $25, we’ll host a private party for your pup and 3-5 of their closest daycare friends. But that’s not all; we include snacks and photos and do all the setting and cleaning up. We’ll also honor special accommodations; just let us know what you want to add beforehand.  

If you’re up for baking something special for your pup to make the party special, check out this 4 ingredient, dog-friendly recipe. 

Have another milestone you’d like to celebrate at The Dog Stop? We also can host a “gotcha” day, retirement, or any other kind of puppy party you’d like to throw!  

If your dog not the party type, there are many other ways to give them the royal birthday treatment, like scheduling a spa day in our grooming salon or an enrichment session with puzzle time and agility equipment activities.

Just call a The Dog Stop location or stop in.  Addresses and phone numbers are right here. Let us do the work, creating the perfect celebration for your pup!