Celebrate Your Dog’s Anniversary in Style at The Dog Stop

From unique anniversary gifts to delicious treats, we’ve got you covered on how to celebrate your dog’s special day with us in style.

Does your pup have a special day coming up? Make it memorable and super fun. Your dog will love the attention and the chance to celebrate their special day with family and friends. Let’s explore some of the most fun and creative ways to celebrate your dog’s anniversary with The Dog Stop!

Dog-Friendly Treats or Cake

You can host a doggy anniversary party at home or, better yet, at The Dog Stop. We have all kinds of healthy treats that your pup will enjoy.

If you’re up for baking a little special something for your pup, check out this 4 ingredient, dog-friendly recipe.

Special Gift

Your dog deserves a special gift on its special day. Think enrichment puzzles, a spa day, or one-on-one play with their favorite The Dog Stop canine caregiver. And what dog doesn’t love a special treat or toy? Our stores have an entire retail section with toys, training products, food….and premium treats!

Doggie Play Date

Indulge your pup with an extra doggie play date. And what better place to do that than at The Dog Stop? We always pamper and play with the pups 365 days a year, and your dog’s anniversary with us is no different. Let them enjoy their special furry  friends…both old and new!

Doggie Spa Day

Pamper your pup with a spa-like session at The Dog Stop! We have created a relaxing, stress-free, spa-like atmosphere where professional groomers spoil your pup with various services available. The Dog Stop® offers full-service grooms, baths, shed-reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail trims, nail grinds, and more. The Dog Stop® uses the same high-quality products you expect in your personal care products, promising to advocate for the animal’s health, safety, welfare, and comfort over all other factors. They’re going to love the experience, and so will you!


Your dog’s anniversary with us is an important day for all of us! If the date has come and gone, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a little late. We all deserve to be treated like royalty, especially on our anniversary!