Attention Dog Owners: Hot Car Reminder!


It’s not uncommon to pile into your car with old Buster to run your Saturday morning errands. However, think twice before allowing your dog to sit in your car unattended for any period of time. As tempting as it may be to ride around with your sidekick – windows down, ears flapping in the wind – don’t leave your dog in your car for extended intervals, and never leave them in your car during the warmer months.

This month, Buster and his pals at The Dog Stop® are spreading the word about the dangers of leaving your dog in a hot car.


It’s not just the summer

Did you know when the temperature is only 70 degrees outside, your car’s internal temperature could jump to 89 degrees in 10 minutes and to a whopping 104 degrees in just 30 minutes? That’s the difference between weather during mid-April in Pittsburgh and Arizona’s desert heat in the dead of July. Even worse, when it’s 95 degrees outside, temps can climb upwards to 129 degrees in that same half-hour. Buster says there’s a saying he heard a long time ago, “This isn’t fit for man or beast!” We couldn’t agree with you more, Buster!


Dogs can’t sweat

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat. Without the physiological and automatic response to cooling themselves off through perspiration, dogs instead pant heavily in the effort to evaporate moisture from their lungs. As the temperatures rise too quickly, dogs don’t have enough time to cool off, causing their internal body temperature to rapidly increase at a deadly rate.


A myth about car windows

Contrary to some beliefs, rolling down the windows in your car does very little to cool down your car’s internal temperature. Even on a breezy day, it won’t promote the airflow you were expecting.


Life or Death

Dogs can suffer from brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes when left in a hot car. Don’t take the chance. Leave your dog at home!


Good Samaritan laws

In some states, if you see a dog suffering in some stranger’s hot, locked car and you try to save it, you probably won’t face any legal punishment, even if your actions result in any physical damage to the vehicle. Law enforcement and animal rescue agencies encourage you to call them first for help if you see an animal in distress. However, sometimes there just isn’t enough time, and people may take drastic measures to save a dog’s life sans authorities. Since you’re attempting to save a life, many states may waive any criminal charges. Always be sure to consult your state’s or local municipal’s website for more information on pets.


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