Water Safe Toys for Dogs for Aquatic Summer Fun!

Great Options for Water Safe Toys for Dogs

Have you been endlessly searching for the perfect water toy to accompany you and your fur baby while spending some quality time together outside? Or better yet, a toy that is both great in the water and doesn’t crumble to pieces after your dog finds the “self-destruct” button within the first hour of playtime.

What could be better than relaxing outside, playing fetch with your dog in the water all while not having to worry about your loved one consuming harmful pieces of toy? Fortunately, we are not the only people who think this way, and we’ve found three heavyweight champions that will leave you and your water-loving canine in dog toy bliss.

GoughNut provides four distinct toy shapes ranging from a stick, ball, K9 Kup, and the original GoughNut (shaped like a doughnut). In addition to the array of shapes, GoughNut also provides different levels of thickness catering to the age and development stages of your individual pup. GoughNut also uses a unique visual indicator with each toy based on the idea “Green for Go” and “Red for Stop.”

If your dog happens to chew through, leaving the red inner color exposed, then the owner has ample time to see a “Safety Indicating Color Change” before the chew toy’s authenticity can be compromised. Lastly, every GoughNut floats when placed in water, making them exceptionally fun for your water-loving canine!

Have you ever been having so much fun playing fetch outside with your favorite canine, and realized the sun has gone down? If you can relate, then the Whistle Ball offered by Planet Dog just might be better than sliced bread.

When this glow-in-the-dark ball is thrown, it makes a whirling whistle noise as it flies through the air, perfect for your young pup or older dog to see and hear in low light or even water! This ball bounces unpredictably and is perfect for throwing into the water.

But maybe your dog doesn’t particularly enjoy running in the water? No worries! Planet Dog also constructs a toy using the same Orbee-Tuff® material called the Pup Bone. This toy is perfect for that laid back, four-legged chewer who enjoys relaxing in the pool just as much as you do. These bones come in many colors and are especially soothing when frozen!

Last on our list of perfectly awesome, water-friendly toys are the Bionic brand toys. This toy has a very bright color, which makes it easy to see in the water. Throw against the “Bionic Rubber®” material spine, and it bounces normally. Throw against the opening, and it bounces unpredictably.

Being the same size as a tennis ball, it fits into your existing chuck and throw toys. Pair the familiar size with the ball’s ability to float, and you have a better long-distance fetch toy than anyone else on the beach!

And of course, all of these great toys are available at The Dog Stop®.