Budget-Savvy Ideas for Keeping Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

Our senior dogs are no less charming, adorable, and loving than ever. However, Fido might not always feel like a pup anymore, and sometimes a little TLC can go a long way toward your furry family member’s quality of life. Here are some budget-savvy suggestions for keeping your senior dog happy and healthy throughout his golden years.

Select Appropriate Supplies

As your dog ages, you’ll likely notice changes beyond a graying muzzle. He might not be able to chase Frisbees anymore, he sits down more slowly, or he might need a little help getting in and out of the car. Just like senior humans, our canine companions often experience joint deterioration as they age. Thankfully, there are many options to help your aging dog cope with waning mobility. To better support your pooch while he is snoozing, an orthopedic dog bed can be a boon. Joint supplements can potentially improve joint health and help reduce inflammation, and if your dog needs assistance getting around, a lift harness can come in handy.

Routine Care and Facing the Inevitable

During the last portion of your dog’s life, it can be easy to miss significant health concerns. Sometimes, we attribute changes as normal, and our dogs simply decline rapidly due to serious illnesses. Routine veterinary examinations are a must, and you can stretch your dollars by purchasing pet insurance. Lemonade is a site that helps you do cost and coverage comparisons of various pet insurance providers. Yet even with good diligence, we eventually have to say goodbye. We are never fully prepared for the loss, and sometimes we need help processing our emotions. The grief can be palpable, but their are helpful online resources that could add some comfort to those grieving.

Old Age and Incontinence

A common health struggle that can affect our aging dogs is incontinence, and as Chewy explains, there are many reasons it can happen. Back problems can be a contributing factor, hormone fluctuations can cause issues, and sometimes an underlying disease is a culprit. Housebroken dogs sometimes seem to find the issue embarrassing, and it’s important not to punish him since Fido can’t help himself. Always discuss any new health concerns with your dog’s vet. Along with treating underlying medical issues, you can help both you and your dog by using doggie diapers. There are many to choose from, and finding the one that fits your dog best is important.

Enjoy Enriching Activities

senior dog sittingYour dog might not be able to hike with you like he used to, but there are other ways to add zest to your dog’s days. For instance, doggie daycare can be a blast for dogs of any age, and the Dog Stop will settle your dog in with a group of like-minded individuals for fun and frolicking. For in-home fun, consider investing in a few entertaining dog puzzles. These puzzles will keep your dog mentally-stimulated and relieve boredom.

Our senior dogs rely on us to keep them healthy, and at the same time, we rely on them for love and companionship. Look for dollar-stretching ways to keep him comfortable and enriched. You can help your dog make the most of his golden years without overspending.