4 Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Doghouse for Your Pup

Being in the Doghouse Can Have Its Perks– at Least if You’re a Dog!

Did you know that your pup should have access to shelter if they spend a reasonable amount of time outside? Just like humans, they need to stay warm in the cold months and cool in the summer. No matter the season, a doghouse can keep them dry and provide comfort, and they deserve that, right? If you keep your dog tethered or within a fenced yard, it’s wise to make sure it at least has a doghouse for them to escape the elements and to enhance their quality of life. If you think your pup would love having an outdoor escape, The Dog Stop has some tips to keep in mind when building a doghouse for your furry best friend. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Doghouse and the Advantages of Having One.

The Dog Stop - Safety At a minimum, your dog’s house should

– provide enough room for your pup to stand up fully and move around. — have close access to food, fresh water, and enrichment toys.  

– be elevated to provide ventilation during hot weather and to prevent the floor from getting too cold and wet during winter. 

– have a coat of paint that is light in color to keep the inside temperature lower in the summer. 

– be insulated and well-ventilated. 


The house doesn’t have to be extravagant like these luxurious dog mansions. I mean if that’s what you want to do, by all means, do it. But these DIY doghouse pallet designs make for a fun, relatively inexpensive project that your pup will appreciate. If you’re going to ‘do it up,’ add a plastic pool for your dog to romp around during the summer. 


Outside temperature, the size and coat of the dog, its overall health, and age are all factors to consider when deciding how long to keep your pup outside before bringing it in. Every dog is different, with one exception: they’re all social animals in that they thrive being around other dogs and people.  


Building a doghouse for your pup can be a great way to add some fun to your dog’s life, but it does not cover all of your pup’s needs. Even if your dog’s house has its own heating and cooling system and meets at least the basic guidelines above, it’s important not to abandon your pet outside, whether in their doghouse, on a chain, or fenced in. Like us humans, they need a healthy balance when it comes to rest, physical, emotional, social, and mental activities, and good nutrition.  


If you’re going away for the day, consider bringing your pup indoors or making a boarding or daycare appointment at The Dog Stop. You can be assured that their stay will check off all the boxes for a well-rounded and fun visit.