Keeping Your Canine Companions Safe: Essential Fire Safety Tips for Dog Owners

As pet owners, a big concern is how to keep your dog safe, especially in the case of an emergency. Since our four-legged friends are unable to protect themselves in the event of an emergency such as a fire, it is important to know how we as owners can best help them. We at The Dog Stop have put together a helpful guide on how to prevent and prepare for the unexpected.  

Pet Proofing Your Home 

One of the most important ways you can prevent a house fire and protect your pup is by ensuring that your house is pet-proofed. Your dog’s wagging tail or excited jumps can be the cause of disaster if they are left unattended around an open flame or fire hazard. The best way to pet-proof your home is to remove or cover stove knobs, extinguish any open flames when not supervising your pet, and remove any other fire hazards from your pet’s reach. You can also consider using flame-less candles such as LED candles as a safer alternative.  

Preparing For Potential Fires 

  • Even if your house is pet-proofed perfectly, emergencies can still inevitably occur. To reduce the likelihood of injury to your pet, it is important to have preparations in place. Here are a few examples of how you can prepare your home for a fire: 
  • Opt for monitored smoke detectors that will alert emergency responders of a fire  
  • Post a pet alert sign on a window visible to the outside detailing the number of pets inside 
  • Make rescue easy by keeping leashes near an exit and keeping collars and ID tags on pets at all times 
  • Pay attention to where your pet likes to hide in case of a stressful event such as a fire
  • Rather than leave your dog alone, check out other options such as taking them on a vacation with you or having your dog attend daycare rather than leaving your pet unattended for long periods of time 

For more information on how you can prepare for potential fires check out this fire safety guide by ASPCA and the Red Cross’s Pet Fire Safety ASPCA even offers a free pet safety package with window and door stickers, and a Poison Control Center magnet.


Although fires are a terrifying, undesirable event for any pet owner, there are plenty of ways to prevent and prepare for them. At The Dog Stop, we care about your dogs as if they were our own. That is why we want to provide dog owners with the best ways to help keep your pet safe in the event of an emergency. We not only provide up-to-date education for dog owners, but we also are an all-inclusive, award-winning pet care facility with daycare and boarding services to help alleviate stress for you and your pup. For more information on how to find The Dog Stop location closest to you, just search here 



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