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Dog Daycare

The Dog Stop - Doggie Daycare

Your pup loves to play and romp around, but you may not always have the time or energy to give your dog the exercise it needs. Dogs that can enjoy daily physical activity are less stressed, happier and healthier! Being able to interact with other canines is also a great way to build social skills for pets of all ages. At The Dog Stop, we focus on providing your furry friend with a spacious indoor/outdoor play area that is supervised at all times by a canine companion.

Our dog daycare is separated by age, play style, energy level and size, so your pup will enjoy a playgroup that feels custom made! Our dogs are provided with structured activities, such as games, puzzle time, and one-on-one time if requested. Pups also have the option to lay down and relax for a lunch break at parents’ request. We offer a full Dog Stop Delights menu for treats, toys, and activities to enjoy during their downtime. It’s our goal to ensure that all of our guests are stimulated both mentally and physically while in our care.

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Dog Daycare Rates

Single Day Per Additional Dog
Full Day (Over 6 hours) $36 $26
Half Day (Up to 6 hours) $24 $18

Save and Get Extra Perks with a PlayPass!

Full Day Membership First Dog Monthly Cost Add’l Dog
4 Full Days Basic $108 $96
8 Full Days Premium $200 $176
12 Full Days Elite $276 $252
Unlimited Full Days Premium $465 $403
To Purchase a Full Day PlayPass: (412) 499-3733

Half Day Daycare Membership First Dog Monthly Cost Add’l Dog
4 Half Days Basic $88 $64
8 Half Days Premium $168 $112
12 Half Days Elite $240 $144
Unlimited Half Days Premium $420 $300
To Purchase a Half Day PlayPass: (412) 499-3733

Why Dogs Need Enrichment Activities

Wild dogs will spend nearly 80% of their time hunting, foraging, and scavenging for food. However, many domesticated dogs are not given adequate opportunities to search or analyze the world around them.

Dogs who lack sufficient stimulation often feel bored or frustrated. Enrichment helps alleviate this boredom. Successful enrichment gives dogs opportunities to display natural behaviors that encompass social, sensory, and environmental impulses. It can also encourage them to participate in self-soothing behaviors such as sniffing, licking, and chewing and can even boost confidence by developing a dog’s problem-solving abilities.

Would our Enrichment Program be a good fit for your pup? We would love for you to try it out! Stop by your local Dog Stop® to learn more!

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Dog Boarding

The Dog Stop - Doggie Boarding

The Dog Stop is here 365 days a year to keep your dog safe and sound while you are away. Treat your pup to an all-inclusive STAYcation at The Dog Stop®! boarding includes room, bedding, bowls, medication administration, and a full day of play when appropriate. Luxury suites and dog boarding add-ons are also available for those looking to upgrade their dog’s stay even more! No matter the age, size, or breed, we can provide a safe place for your dog that gives them that home away from home feeling.

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Dog Boarding Rates

First Dog Per Add’l Dog
Standard Kennel $55 +$49
Luxury Kennel $75 +$65

Come Home to a Clean Pup!

Add-on Options

Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost.

Please see our Grooming/Spa section for pricing and details for any additional services.

Introducing The Dog Stop’s VIP program!


Is your dog a VIP?

A very independent player, or VIP, cannot participate in group interaction for any number of reasons.  Maybe you know your pup won’t excel in a group setting, and want to keep him or her separate. Maybe the staff recognizes your pup prefers solo activities to group play. Either way, VIPs are pups that cannot participate in group interaction. Perhaps they have been involved in altercations or display antagonistic behavior, or maybe your pup is physically compromised or are too stressed in a group setting and enjoy one-on-one attention far more.


How Does the VIP Program Work?

VIP activities are geared towards addressing both physical and mental stimulation.  Each dog gets a Lickimat, Kong or Puzzle during the day for additional mental stimulation and rotated into our VIP area throughout the day to stretch their legs and have potty breaks

Ask a staff member to see a full menu of activities during your next visit or visit here for a sample menu.


What Does the Program Cost and What is Included?

Boarding for VIP dogs will now be $70 per night for a standard kennel or $90 a night for a luxury kennel.

In addition to their normal personalized breaks, your pup will receive two specialized enrichment activities per day (excluding the day of pick up); one geared for physical stimulation and one geared towards mental enrichment. You can either choose these yourself or have staff make recommendations! Here’s a sample menu. Additional activities can always be added a la carte to your pups program for an additional charge.

VIP Rates

First Dog Per Add’l Dog
Full Day $50 +$43
Half Day $40 +$34

More about our VIP program…

What does my VIP pup do all day?   

A better question is “what don’t they do?” VIP activities are geared towards addressing both physical and mental stimulation. Ask your TDS location for a full menu of enrichment activities.  

In addition to their normal personalized breaks, your pup will receive two specialized enrichment activities per day (excluding the day of pick up); one geared for physical stimulation and one geared towards mental enrichment. You can either choose these yourself or have staff make recommendations! Additional activities can always be added a la carte to your pups program for an additional charge.

What’s the best time to drop off my VIP pup?

We highly encourage you to drop off your VIP off during our 10am – 4pm Red Carpet Hours to avoid high traffic in store and to ensure that your pup gets ample time to participate in that days activities. Please make sure to schedule their pickup and dropoff times with staff directly.

What’s the difference between VIP and enrichment?  

Sometimes daycare dogs benefit from a day of one-on-one activity. On those days, they may switch to the enrichment program for the day, and back to daycare on their next visit. While VIP pups participate in the same enrichment activities, they do not have the option to participate in group play.  

How can I sign my dog up for the VIP program? 

Schedule a VIP assessment! We want to make sure you pup is set up for success with our VIP program, so we ask that you schedule a day ahead of time to drop of your dog for us to assess. If the assessment goes well, you can then make VIP daycare and boarding reservations. There are a limited number of VIP spots each day, so RESERVATIONS ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED! Remember, staff retains the right to deny a dog access to the program if there is a concern for staff or the dog’s safety and wellbeing.  

 In addition to the assessment, we’ll also need to see the same vaccinations required of our other daycare and boarding pups: rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. 


Training Program with Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Debby McMullen

Does your dog need help with housetraining, grooming, crate training, or leash walking? Do you want to start agility training with your dog or discover ways to enrich your pup’s life?

If you’ve answered, “yes”, contact us for more information.

Dog Training 

Meet Debby, our dedicated trainer extraordinaire!

Debby began her training career as a volunteer instructor at AnimalFriends shelter, and more currently, she has been doing private consultations through Pawsitive Reactions, LLC for several years. She has also authored the book “How Many Dogs? Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household.”

Her training methods are force-free and rewards-based, utilizing the most modern definition of positive reinforcement. These dog-friendly training methods use science-supported techniques for effective and humane relationship-based training and behavior modification. Debby’s goal in training your pup is to give you the skills to achieve this harmony. 

She believes in teaching you how to communicate more effectively and better understand your dog(s), making you a better dog parent. 

Contact Us For More Info

Training Programs and Pricing


In-Facility (Teaching Skills) 

Private In Facility Session with owner (1 hour): $75
Pricing Half Day (3-5 hours- drop off your dog): $100
Pricing Full Day (5-8 hours- drop off your dog): $150
5 Half Day Training Package: $450
10 Half Day Training Package: $900
5 Full Day Training Package:$700
10 Full Day Training Package: $1350

  • Basic cues
  • Trick training
  • Crate training
  • Cooperative care
    • Grooming
    • Veterinary
  • Desensitization
    • Muzzle training
    • Kennel training
  • Leash manners
  • Enrichment
    • Agility Fun
    • Treadmill
    • Search Games
    • Ball Pit Play
    • Puzzle Games 
  • Socialization


Puppy Sessions

$50 for 50 minutes

  • Dogs under 1 year qualify
  • Pups will learn puppy basics in a one-on-one sessions

In-Home (Behavior Modification)


90 minute session: $250.00
2 hour session: $300.00
Multiple session package pricing

 3-session package: $575 ($25 savings)     
7-session package: $1,200 ($100 savings)

  • House-training – $175.00/per hour
  • Leash reactivity
  • Trigger-specific aggression
  • 1st session is about history and goal setting
  • Any in-facility offerings listed in above section may also be available as an in-home offering
  • All package options start with a 90-minuted initial session with all subsequent sessions being 60 minutes each.
  • There is no requirement to decide on which package you are going to go with in advance of meeting (if at all). If you do end up choosing a multiple session package, the first 90-minute session that day counts as the first session of the package.


The Dog Stop Delights

Enhance your pup’s stay with a selection of snacks, supplements, and services – including bedtime snacks, cuddle time, leash walks, meal additives, calming treats, and more!

Sample Menu

Dog Grooming

At The Dog Stop®, we have created a relaxing, stress-free, spa-like atmosphere where professional groomers pamper your pup with a wide variety of different services available. The Dog Stop® offers full-service grooms, baths, shed-reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail trims, nail grinds, and more. Our dog groomers are patient and loving and have experience in a variety of cuts and grooming procedures. The comfort and safety of your dog are our priority!

Full-Service Dog Groom

Includes soothing shampoo, haircut, blow-dry, ears checked and cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands checked, and a bandana.
Call for pricing

Full-Service Bath

Includes soothing shampoo, blow-dry, ears checked and cleaned, anal glands checked, and a bandana.
Prices start at $40 for small dogs*

  • Small Dog: $40
  • Medium Dog: $45
  • Large Dog: $50
  • XL Dog: $55

*Please Note: Prices can increase due to size of dog, condition of coat, behavior, scissor cuts, or feces removal.

Exit Bath

  • Small Dog: $25
  • Medium Dog: $30
  • Large Dog: $35
  • XL Dog: $40

Individual Services

  • Nail Trim: $15
  • Nail Grind: $20
  • Teeth Cleaning: $15
  • Anal Glands: $15
  • Ear Cleaning : $15
  • Ear Plucking: $20
  • Paw Balm: $5

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In-Home Service

Our in-home services program allows your pet to enjoy the comfort of their home without the feeling of being lonely. Our trained professionals can give the specialized care your pup needs, including all the belly rubs, walks, and behind-the-ear scratches. Service offerings include dog walking, pet sitting, home visits, pet transportation, and more.

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In-Home Services

Type of Service Cost
Dog Walk $22
Double Dog Walk $30
Triple Dog Walk $35
One Hour Walk $35
Check in $25
One Hour Check In $35
Overnight-Up to 2 dogs $60 per night
Overnight-More than 2 dogs $60 per night + $10 each add’l dog
Hourly Sitting $35 first hour
Hourly Sitting over an hour $35 first hour + $20 each addd’l hour
Pick-ups within 2 miles $15
Pickups over 2 miles $15 + $5 add’l mile up to 5 miles
Pickups over 5 miles Custom Pricing


The Dog Stop® is committed to carrying products that will keep pets safe and healthy. Our retail store features premium foods, supplements, treats, chews and toys. Every brand of food we carry ranks a minimum of three stars, and many are limited-ingredient, grain and gluten-free, easily digested, and some are even made with human-grade ingredients. Whether it be a specific product for puppies, seniors, breeds, special diets, or allergy avoidance, we have what you are looking for. Retail experts are present to help you choose the product best suited for your pet. Can’t find what you are looking for? Our experts can order it to the store for you!

Stop in today to see what you can find for your fur baby!

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