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Dog Daycare

Your pup loves to play and romp around, but you may not always have the time or energy to give your dog the exercise it needs. Dogs that can enjoy daily physical activity are less stressed, happier and healthier! Being able to interact with other canines is also a great way to build social skills for pets of all ages. At The Dog Stop®, we focus on providing your furry friend with 4 spacious indoor and outdoor play areas. We also have a private playroom and yard for those dogs that love their humans but may not play well with other dogs. All are supervised at all times by a canine companion.

Our dog daycare is separated by age, play style, energy level and size, so your pup will enjoy a playgroup that feels custom made! Our dogs are provided with structured activities, such as games, puzzle time, and one-on-one time if requested. Pups also have the option to lay down and relax for a lunch break at parents’ request. We offer a full Dog Stop Delights menu for treats, toys, and activities to enjoy during their downtime. It’s our goal to ensure that all dogs are stimulated both mentally and physically while in our care.

We do not require reservations for daycare which gives you all the flexibility you need!

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Dog Daycare Rates

Single Day Per Additional Dog
Full Day (Over 6 hours) $32 $24
Half Day (Up to 6 hours) $22 $18

Save and Get Extra Perks with a PlayPass!

Type of Membership First Dog Monthly Cost Add’l Dog Monthly Cost
4 Days Basic $120 $96
8 Days Premium $224 $176
12 Days Elite $312 $252
16 Days Select $384 $320
Unlimited Days Premium $530 $475

Dog Boarding


Treat your pup to an all-inclusive STAYcation at The Dog Stop®! We are here 365 days a year to keep your dog safe and sound while you are away. Choose from our standard (6’x3.5’) or luxury (8’x6’) suites ~ perfect for extra-large dogs or siblings to share. Boarding includes room, bedding, bowls, medication administration, and a full day of play in our indoor and outdoor play areas when appropriate. No matter the age, size, or breed, we can provide a safe place for your dog that gives them that home away from home feeling.

Rates: $55 per day

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Add-on Options

Homecoming Baths are available at additional cost. Come home to a clean pup! FREE with stays of 7+ nights!
Please see our Grooming/Spa section for pricing and details for any additional services.

The Dog Stop Delights

Enhance your pup’s stay with a selection of snacks, supplements, and services – including bedtime snacks, cuddle time, leash walks, meal additives, calming treats, and more!

Sample Menu

Dog Grooming

At The Dog Stop®, we have created a relaxing, stress-free, spa-like atmosphere where professional groomers pamper your pup with a wide variety of different services available. The Dog Stop® offers full-service grooms, baths, shed-reduction treatment, teeth brushing, nail trims, nail grinds, and more. Our dog groomers are patient and loving and have experience in a variety of cuts and grooming procedures. The comfort and safety of your dog are our priority!

Joe Farley

Joe has 18 years of professional grooming experience. He has served a large, diverse and high profile clientele in the U.S. and Canada. He got started in the business at a premier salon in Toronto before relocating to the US in 2015. After working in a few other shops in the Columbus area, Joe came to his forever home at The Dog Stop in the Fall of 2021, bringing with him a lot of dedicated dog parents.

Joe prides himself in his combined passion and artistic eye with his professionalism and personal level of care for every client.

Amber Fievet

Amber came us to via a circuitous route, ironically through horses. At 6 years old, she took a horseback riding lesson and was hooked. She attended Otterbein University, while working as a vet assistant and graduated with a degree in Equine Pre Vet with the intention of vet school. She reconsidered after evaluating the long-term financial investment and instead started as an apprentice at a grooming salon in 2015.

This proved to be the perfect fit to fuel her artistic talent and love for animals! Amber joined the team in the spring of 2022 and has developed an incredible following. In her free time, she rides her horseKitty and hikes with her dog Seamus.

Full-Service Dog Groom |  Price based on size

Soothing, massaging shampoo; haircut; blow dry; ears checked and cleaned; nails trimmed; and anal glands checked.

Exit Bath Pricing

Small dogs Medium dogs Large dogs XL dogs
$20 $25 $30 $35
Small Medium Large XL

Full -Service Bath Pricing

Small dogs Medium dogs Large dogs XL dogs
$35 $40 $45 $50
Small Medium Large XL

Service A la carte Add-on
Nail Trim $15
Nail Grind $18
Paw Balm $8
Trim Up $18
Ear Cleaning $13
Teeth Brushing $13
Anal Glands $13
Flea Bath $12
Brush Out $18+
De-Shedding $22 $20+
De-Matting Charge $3/minute $1/minute

Dog Training

Franklinton Dog Training

Training Services

Please call for pricing – we offer individual sessions and multi-session packages

Puppy Preschool (puppies 8-16 weeks)             6-week group class

This class is a combination of socialization, basic training, and confidence building to provide your puppy with the tools to grow into a confident, well-behaved adult dog who loves to train and learn!

Pawsitive Foundations Level One                       6-week group class

This class is designed to help dog owners establish a strong foundation for training their dogs using positive reinforcement-based methods. This course combines the group class experience with individualized coaching designed to meet the specific needs of both the owner and their dog.

Curriculum includes:

  • Basic cues such as sit, down, and offering eye contact within a variety of contexts
  • Leash walking skills
  • Exercises designed to improve impulse control
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Confidence-building activities

These exercises will provide you with the tools to create a well-mannered and well-adjusted canine companion as well as to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Pawsitive Foundations Level Two                   6-week group class

This class is designed to continue building upon the skills learned in Pawsitive Foundations Level 1 by increasing the level of distance, duration, and distraction. The goal is to take these learned behaviors and transition them from the classroom setting to the real world. We’ll also introduce more advanced training exercises through various shaping and capturing exercises.

Building Confidence                                            4-week group class

The goal of this class is to provide a structured and supportive environment for sensitive or fearful dogs to increase their confidence both in the home and the real world. Through various training exercises and games, we’ll work together to help your dog blossom and become more confident with new people, stimuli, and environments.

Reactivity Desensitization                                 5-week group class

The goal of this class is to provide a structured and supportive environment for both dogs and their owners to work on leash-reactive behaviors through counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement techniques, we’ll work together to teach your dog to cope with triggers more effectively, leading to improved behavior and a more enjoyable walking experience for both the dog and their handler.

Training Fundamentals                                     1-hour workshop for humans only

Dog training 101 to understand the science behind positive reinforcement techniques and differences between TDS and other methods.

Private Training Session                                   1-hour in-person session

Private sessions are a good fit for the client who prefers a one-on-one coaching experience, for dogs that may struggle in a group class, or to address specific behavioral problems such as impulse control, confidence building for fearful dogs, resource guarding, crate training, car training, leash reactivity, handling/grooming sensitivity, and more!

Virtual Behavior Consultation                     

1-hour Zoom consultation with the  trainer


Daycare Add Ons:

Stay, play, train – 30-minute training session for the trainer to work with your dog on an individualized training plan during their stay at daycare.

Gym class – 30-minute activity during their stay at TDS that exercises your dog both mentally and physically. Great for the dog that needs a little ‘extra’. Activities include agility, flirt pole, fetch, and tug-of- war and are individualized based on the dog’s needs.

Brain game – 30-minute activity during their stay at TDS that exercises your dog mentally. Great for dogs that love to train, older dogs, and dogs with limited mobility. Activities include nose work, shaping games, and trick training, and are individualized based on the dog’s needs.

Zen Experience– 30-minute relaxation session during their stay at TDS. Great for dogs that have a hard time settling down and dogs that become overstimulated in playgroup or kennel environments. This includes a focused mid-day break where the trainer shapes and encourages relaxation behavior.



The Dog Stop® is committed to carrying products that will keep pets safe and healthy. Our retail store features premium foods, supplements, treats, chews and toys. Every brand of food we carry ranks a minimum of three stars, and many are limited-ingredient, grain and gluten-free, easily digested, and some are even made with human-grade ingredients. Whether it be a specific product for puppies, seniors, breeds, special diets, or allergy avoidance, we have what you are looking for. Retail experts are present to help you choose the product best suited for your pet. Can’t find what you are looking for? Our experts can order it to the store for you!

Stop in today to see what you can find for your fur baby!

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