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Training Program with Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Does your dog need help with housetraining, grooming, crate training, or leash walking? Do you want to start agility training with your dog or discover ways to enrich your pup’s life?

If you’ve answered, “yes”, contact us for more information.

In-Facility Dog Training 


Private In-Facility Session (30 minutes): $50
Private In-Facility Session (1 hour): $80

Multiple session package pricing

  • 5 (30 Minute) In-Facility Training Package: $235 ($15 savings)
  • 10 (30 Minute) In-Facility Training Package: $450 ($50 savings)
  • 5 (1 Hour) In-Facility Training Package: $375 ($25 savings)
  • 10 (1 Hour) In-Facility Training Package: $725 ($75 savings)

    Group Classes

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Adolescent/Teen Basics
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • Only at the this location

    Specialty Classes

  • Novice/Advanced Tricks
  • Seasonal Workshops
  • Single Skill Focus
  • Bringing Home a Rescue Dog
  • Baby-Ready Pets
  • #InstaDog (Social Media Trends)
  • Talking with Buttons
  • …and more!

In-Home Dog Training 


90-minute session: $250.00
2-hour session: $300.00

Multiple session package pricing

  • In-Home 3 Session Training Package: $575 ($25 savings)
  • In-Home 5 Session Training Package: $900 ($50 savings)
  • In-Home 7 Session Training Package: $1,200 ($100 savings)

Adventure Program Dog Training 

Specially tailored outings for your dog to enjoy real-world experiences while accompanied by a certified trainer – whether it’s a quiet nature walk for decompression or a trip downtown to practice public manners. These adventures are all about your pup and what they need most in life!


1-hour Adventure – $100
2-hour Adventure – $150
3-hour Adventure – $225
Mileage Fee: $1 per mile outside of service area
Service Area = Within 5 miles of corporate TDS location

Multiple session package pricing

  • 1-Hour Excursion (Package of 5): $450
  • 2-Hour Excursion (Package of 5): $675
  • 3-Hour Excursion (Package of 5): $995

Dog Training 

Introducing Christine Dang, the Strip District’s new Trainer!

Christine first joined The Dog Stop team in 2018 as a daycare handler at the South Hills location. In 2019, she taught her first group classes at the former Training & Fitness Center. Then, in 2020, she launched the Enrichment & Training Program at the East End location, and in 2021, earned her CPDT-KA certification. She has also proudly represented The Dog Stop at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo with Trixie, her Australian Shepherd, as they performed in several events including dock diving, weight pull, and the UpDog disc games.

Animal behavior and training have been a passion for Christine ever since childhood, when she eagerly studied every training book in the library and regularly volunteered to walk shelter dogs on the weekends. Since then, she has worked with a wide variety of animals, from a resource guarding Yorkie to a fearful Labrador, and even other species such as guinea pigs and rabbits! Christine’s training philosophy focuses on bridging the gap between humans and pets by teaching them how to speak each other’s language and work together to build a fun, positive relationship. She also strongly believes that providing enriching activities for dogs to fulfill their natural instincts helps improve confidence and promotes mental wellness.

Training is a constant, ongoing journey, and learning about training is no different! Christine is always striving to expand her knowledge and regularly attends classes and seminars hosted by organizations such as FDSA, IAABC, KPA, and more. Most recently, Christine and Trixie attended ClickerExpo 2023, a 3-day conference in Washington, DC, and they were even selected as a demo team for a ClickerExpo Live presentation!

Christine’s crew currently consists of four dogs (Trixie, Monty, Maki, and Dodge) and two guinea pigs (Pumpkin and Parfait.) Trixie, a 6 year old Australian Shepherd, competes in a variety of sports and has earned multiple titles in agility, trick dog, rally obedience, and dock diving. Monty, a 10 year old German Shepherd mix, is enjoying his retirement as a professional couch potato, while Maki, a 4 year old Chow mix adopted from a rural shelter, is currently working hard to overcome her anxieties about city life. The newest addition is Dodge, Trixie’s biological brother, who is hoping to catch up to his sister one day! (Meanwhile, the guinea pigs have declared themselves Champion Parsley Eaters. It’s a shame that there’s no such competition.)

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